bizarro 04-20-14 hedrBizarro 04-20-14 WEB(Click any eyeball to see the cartoon grow to the size of a larger cartoon!)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Jazz Age Pickles.

I’ve drawn today’s cartoon in the style of the old romance comic books, which is not my usual fare, as you regular Jazz Pickles know. I don’t always do cartoons with a social message like this one, but it isn’t all that unusual for me, either.

If you’ve missed the thinly-veiled message of today’s cartoon, it’s about the persistence of bigotry against homosexuals.

I’m not homosexual, or even bisexual, but neither am I narrow-minded nor do I blindly follow ancient superstitions and mythologies. If you still wonder if homosexuality is a “choice” and believe that the activity of loving another consenting adult of the same sex is a “sin,” ask yourself if your own sexual proclivities are a choice. Do we choose who or what we are sexually attracted to, or is it a natural force that comes over us like hunger, without our consent? You know the answer to that as well as I do. Did I choose to be attracted to women with thick, luscious hair covering their backs? Certainly not, mostly because they are SO damned difficult to find.

PAZZ JICKLES: Speaking of a world gone crazy, here is a vision of the future that I concocted in 1997. I’m still proud of this idea.bizarro 08-24-97 cloningWEB

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Eggs Duo Sticks Eggs

bz panel 04-17-14bz strip 04-17-14bz panel 04-18-14bz strip 04-18-14bz panel 04-19-14bz strip 04-19-14


Bizarro is brought to you by No Thanks, I’ve Already Got One.


My good buddy and known associate, Wayno of Pittsburgh, wrote this gag for me because I have restless leg syndrome. My eggs are fine, though. Any way you look at it, this is a good yolk. (As in “joke”. Get it? ahahahahahah)

Wayno’s take on this crazy graphic shenanigan can be found at his blog, here.









I’m super stoked about this takeoff on Grant Wood’s famous “American Gothic” painting. I’m a painter at heart and so when I can do a realistic lampoon of a well-known piece of fine art, I’m having a party.

This one didn’t translate easily to the strip format so I added the closeup view for added looking-at fun.













I also enjoy a good poke at organized religion from time to time, so this stickman preacher gag appeals to me big time. If you’re a stickman, I suppose your biggest fear is that your creator will erase you. I’m anxious to see if I get any flak from fundamentalists who do not believe that humor is part of god’s plan. (And I am well aware that this humorless opinion is not held by ALL fundamentalists.)






bz 01-14-97 EggsistentialismWEB



PALEOZARRO: If you’ve not had enough of corny egg puns, here’s another gleaming eggsample from 1997. I hope your day is sunny side up.

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Flying Dead Geezer Brain

bz panel 04-14-14bz strip 04-14-14bz panel 04-15-14bz panel 04-16-14



Bizarro is brought to you today by But What If I Have One?



As funny cartoons about dogs go, I think this one holds its own. What’s funnier than a dog trying to fly? As I write this, I’m pondering whether I’d rather have a dog that can fly or one that just stands up and flaps his arms. I think the latter would be more fun, although the former would be more lucrative.







Cartoon number two this week, is an angle on the somewhat cliche doctor’s line, about which more than a few cartoons have been done. I ran it on April 15th because that’s tax day in the U.S. and many people wish they were dead.










Wednesday’s cartoon is a fun riff on aging. This idea was a collaboration with my good buddy, Andy Cowan, former writer for Seinfeld, Cheers, 3rd Rock from the Sun and a bunch of other stuff. Andy dates a lot so this topic is a fave of his, and both of us are over 50, so we aren’t keen to divulge our ages unless held at gunpoint.  When Andy first sent me this gag I laughed out loud because I have often quoted my own age this way. (Though never in an attempt to pick up a younger woman.) When I turned forty, I called it thirty-ten for a few months. Then I got over it and used the traditional number for the rest of that decade. When I turned fifty, I started it again with forty-ten.

Since at least one of the dozen-or-so people reading this right now is pointing a gun at the screen, I’ll tell you that I’m currently forty-fifteen. bz 04-30-96 head transplantWEB


PREZARROS: For dessert today, here’s a cartoon from 1996 in which I present an idea that I like even more now than I did then. I love everything about getting older except what it is doing to my body. If only my brain could appropriate the body of some useless young person who will never contribute to the planet in any way. It can’t be that hard to find one.

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