Monthly Archives: January 2008

>National Pie Tragedy

>As most of you know, January 23rd – today, unless my medication needs adjusting – is National Pie Day. Since I include a piece of pie in almost all of my cartoons and have done so for years, one would … Continue reading

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>Live Comedy Show! (No dead guys)

>Next month, February ’08, I’ll be making an increasingly rare stage appearance at San Francisco’s legendary Purple Onion. I’m not doing the full-on “Bizarro Baloney Show” as I did last time I was there in ’06, this will be more … Continue reading

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>Refugees Unite!

> Badly designed, impossible to navigate, ugly, loud, depressing, reeking of death. How did this beast that is eating the fabric of our civilization and puking it up on the shoes of our future achieve such popularity? I might be … Continue reading

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