Monthly Archives: March 2008

>Pittsburgh, Pie, Pi, and Pirates

>I found myself stumbling through the streets of Pittsburgh, PA recently and had asurprisingly good time. I say “surprisingly” because PBurgh isn’t the sort of place one might normally choose as a holiday destination. But it is one of those … Continue reading

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>And another thing

>The blog below this one about marriage and weddings is the one I wrote to you about today. But here are a few general facts I need to mention also. I was mentioned in the first paragraph of an article … Continue reading

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>Phony Wedding, Real Marriage

>I’ve been away from the blogometer for quite a while and for good reason. The Crazy Half-Nekked Wife and I journeyed across the continent of our birth to the West Coast where comedy, chaos and cocktails ensued. First stop, San … Continue reading

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