>Windy Guitars


>Today’s Bizarro is brought to you by Martin Blais Air Guitars. “Getting high with guitars since 2003.”

This cartoon is a collaboration between myself and San Francisco cartoonist and stand-up comic, Michael Capozzola. The original idea was his, I just jazzed it a bit so I wouldn’t feel bad putting my name on it.

Having been in a band years ago and in many “green rooms” over the decades, I really enjoyed drawing this and trying to capture the look and personality of the various “musicians.” Clearly, these guys are stuck in the 70s, but then those were my teen years so it makes it more fun for me to draw. The brilliant film, Spinal Tap, was about the kinds of guys who ruled the rock world when I was young.

My own band was part of the New Wave movement of the late 70s, early 80s, which more-or-less grew from refinement of punk rock, which was in direct rebellion to the hair bands. We looked like this.


10 thoughts on “>Windy Guitars

  1. >A lot of great music came out of the 70’s! The bands in those days had their own style, and were different. The early part of the 80’s was alright, then came the 90’s and the current bands and they all sound the same. They lack punchin’ power! I don’t know nothing about the bands today because they’re too girly. Nothing beats the old school, champ!

  2. >Capozzola is on my weekly read list as well. His cartoon this week about making camouflage out of garbage to hide motorcycles is brilliant.The Air Guitar strip, I love the guy in the Afro on the right side of the page. I think I saw in him in real life back in the 70’s.

  3. >Love this cartoon. The Manager looks a bit like Neil Young and the afroed gentleman on the right is reminiscent of Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy.

  4. >I enjoy Capozzola’s cartoons in the Chronicle (yes, I still pay 25 cents for real paper and ink!) and can’t wait to see your show when you guys come to Oakland.I really, really want to hear your old band’s music. Seriously. Perchance you have any old recordings hidden away somewhere?-long time fan

  5. >May I just say I love your work…..ANd mike’s right. it was REal music those days, with actual instruments. most of today’s pop music is synthesised.

  6. >piraro, so exactly why are you deleting posts when you are a self-proclaimed defender of free speech? The post above was not out of the line in any way.

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