Monthly Archives: September 2008

>Snakes on a Plane

> Today’s cartoon is brought to you buy Greek Mythological Premises, Inc. This was neither a Bizarro cartoon, nor one printed in Parade Magazine. I drew this one because I think it’s a great joke but never found a place … Continue reading

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>Amazing Grace

>Bizarro was made possible today by Cats, Firemen, Birds, Ink, Computers, and Language. Most of my cartoons just come from some intangible place in my head, a black box in the rafters of my mind’s garage, a vault buried deep … Continue reading

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>Baked Babe

>(If you want to see this image bigger, why not click it?) Today’s Bizarro is brought to you by Ritual Mutilation Services of Omaha. This gag came from my friend and occasional writing partner, Phil Witte. He’s a super-dandy dude … Continue reading

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