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>Bizarro is brought to you today by Giant Drag Queens and the Men Who Love Them.

I’ve touched on this subject of young men dressing like rodeo clowns before, but this is perhaps my favorite one. I did a cartoon back in the 90s about cops having covertly started the baggy pants fad to make gang members easier to catch on foot. Might be true.

This week, a real life cop wrote to me and said he could not count how many times this had actually happened to him. He cuffs a suspect, their pants keep falling down, and they blame him.

When the baggy-pants-underwear-showing look first became popular, I laughed out loud and thought it could not possibly last. Here we are like, what, 20 years later and it’s still hip? I mean phat? WTF?

I’m heading to Tulsa in a couple of hours to visit my family and to perform at a fundraiser for my old high school, Booker T. Washington. If you have some extra bucks to donate to educating ne’er-do-wells and miscreants (some in baggy pants, no doubt), and nothing to do on Saturday morning, come join us.


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  1. >Oh man, I’m at a loss. I really wanna see you tomorrow at Booker T., but I’ve already given myself to the largest bookfair in Tulsa on saturday morning. At least I’m missing you for the pursuit of knowledge! You are one of my favorite comic writers. Sorry it’s cold while you are here. To warm your heart, here’s a picture of a fat guy on Riverside running. that I drew you might enjoy.

  2. >I first started seeing this in middle school in 1991. I thought the same thing as you Dan, “ROFL, that won’t last long.” Here in Eugene, OR we don’t have too many gangs but we do get a fair amount of California immigrants and I think that it traveled up here form there.I remember seeing a movie where they flashed back to 1983 and a guy was coming out of a court room with his pants sagging and hi panties showing. I could not believe that fad had been around for so long (This was around 1994). I thought fur sure it was just a mistake on the director;s part to allow modern fashion in a flashback, but I found out it had been around that long.I should try sagging wearing my Nintendo boxers and see the reactions I get. Total nerd-core, yo!

  3. >So let me just say, Dan I’m glad you’re going home. Say hello to your family and physically touch them with love. Please give your love to all of your family members.

  4. >The first time I remember seeing the boxer shorts baggy pants look was the Marky Mark Walberg & the Funky Bunch video of "Walk on the Wild Side" back when MTV played music

  5. >MTV played music? Huh?? I thought they were always a reality TV show network…Those were he good days though, with Beavis and Butthead, the brother’s grimm, Aeon….

  6. >If anyone wanted to get kinky around here, we wouldn’t need to jump for Joy, we could just get our two cents worth.Somebody once asked, “could you spare some change for gasI need to get myself away from this place”I said yep what a conceptI could use a little fuel myselfAnd we could all use a little change.Rodney Dangerfield: “You call this a three-way, it looks like nothing but small change to me. I’m telling ya, in my day you didn’t need a pocketful of Trojans if a bad penny rolled your way. You got a shot of penicillin and went on your way.”[Silence]“What no respect, would it hurt you people to show a little appreciation”[Two people in the back of the audience begin to clap.]Don Rickles: “you know your routine wasn’t that funny in life what makes you think it’s gotten any better”RD: “This isn’t Caesars Palace, it’s some hellhole in the blog-o-sphere.”DR: “Satan give me that pitch fork I’ll give this halfass a new hellhole”

  7. >I am guessing that he just doesn’t have enough time to censor us all.Besides, he’s on vacation right now.But you’re right, Fido is always giving us updates on his grandfather’s anus and he rarely gets taken down.

  8. >@DanSaid…Once I had deleted the stuff you were referring to, it no longer made sense in the stream, so I took it out. Seemed logical.

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