14 thoughts on “>Tiny Garage

  1. >@dannybuntu…this is the size that is offered for imbedding from YouTube. It's a standard size and looks fine on my computer. Not sure what problem you may be having.

  2. >Both Firefox and Opera cuts off the right part of the video since there's not enough space with the fixed width/two column design in Blogger.(It only takes one click to get to Youtube and watch it there though.)

  3. >I love it, he's the kind of guy we need more of…persistent. He wouldn't take "no" for an answer and found his way through when others likely said "that can't be done."His solution to opening the door was a surprise and relief.Google's Chrome browser may offer you a refreshing break from the tedium of IE and FireFox. I use it exclusively unless I am forced to deviate.Thanks for sharing.Sean StandingBear

  4. >When he opened the door to the house I spat. Wow, good stuff.I, personally, would ditch the car and take that really good looking bike sitting there lonely.-ryan

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