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I’m not sure how funny this cartoon is. Maybe not at all. I was just thinking that with all the emphasis on safety equipment for every little thing in our lives these days, that it might be nice to see King Kong protected during his epic ascension up the Empire State Building. Every now and then I get sort of tired of living in a nanny society that legislates my own safety even though I am an adult. I know there are some good reasons for this but it is tiring at times. I was at an art opening in Brooklyn the other night and they were selling small plastic cups of beer and wine. I tried to walk out onto the sidewalk to find a friend and was told I could not walk out onto the street with the small cup of beer. I could, however, swallow the beer and walk out with the empty cup. For the life of me I can’t think what that law is about. Is the beer more dangerous in a cup or in me? This has nothing to do with personal safety, I’m just being cranky.

Here’s a gag from my good friend, Cliff, who is a doctor. During the 19th century, soldiers of the Civil War had little more than a shot of liquor to anesthetize them during surgery. Super bummer. This poor schmuck is left with O’Doul’s, which is a non-alcoholic beer if you didn’t know. Sublime bummer. Here’s a link to one of my favorite Civil War gags.

If you’re into this kind of thing, my friend and colleague, Wayno, has recently begun coloring my cartoons for me, which has freed up some of my time to start painting again. (I’ll be blogging more about that soon.) The two cartoons above are his work with my picky supervision. Here he talks about the experience.

I’ll leave you today with an old cartoon from 2007. I came across it the other day while searching for something else and just thought I’d share it with you. I don’t do sequential image gags very often but I think this one is pretty good.

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13 thoughts on “Kong War Comedy

  1. I have wonderful news for you. I think the King Kong seat belt and full safety regalia is hysterical. Well done!

  2. I don’t drink, never have, so I didn’t know O’Doul’s was non-alcoholic. Consequently the only way I could make sense of that one was to imagine the soldier having to bite on a bullet—is there any historical truth to that cliché?—to endure the impending “surgery.” That led me to think of the Coors’ “Silver Bullet” and then to O’Doul’s as the only available alternative.

    I think that makes some sense, but I could just be rationalizing my stupidity/ignorance. Your explanation obviously makes more sense and doesn’t require as many brain cramps to cross the finish/punch line.

  3. ha ha i totally get the kong gag. i live in south africa and when i visited the USA i noticed how safety mad you guys are with everything. luckily we are still allowed to make mistakes in africa, home of the original king kong

  4. I liked the King Kong one too, it was great. I didn’t understand the Civil War one, not a big beer drinker.

    I was wondering though…will there be a new update to your Bizarro App? I recently purchased it and was filled with the utmost glee to look at past comics, but for one, I cannot look at past comics, and second, the app crashes after about 45 seconds of being opened. I’m quite bummed about this! Any plans for an update?

    • I’m so sorry about the app. The company that developed it is working on repairing it. I wish I had more control over it but all I can do is stay on their back. Thanks for your patience!

  5. The safety gear is really funny, but illustrates a serious (long term) problem. Many societies take extreme steps to preserve the weak, sick, and stupid. e.g. air bags. So, what happens when those too dumb to use seat belts breed? If you suppress natural selection, how fast does the group devolve back to the predecessors? Sorry, it is a gloomy day, just venting.

    I really just wanted to ask where the “tip jar” is.

    • I agree with you and also believe it is dangerous to circumvent natural selection. Which we’ve already done to a very large degree, so it’s probably a moot point.

  6. And they say comics aren’t educational: now I know that during the Civil War it was common to irrepairably injure one’s right leg.

  7. I sensed the fun in the King Kong cartoon, but it took a moment to understand it because I focused on the helmet, which is a bycicle-safety helmet (popularized in Andy Singer’s series). A construction-worker’s helmet would have been more consistent. Devil hide in details…but your cartoons are wonderful, otherwise i would not bother writing this.

    Love and chocolate from Switzerland,


    • I see your point but I was thinking mostly about the way (American) parents tend to clutter their children up with safety equipment before they can ride bikes or play sports of any kind.

  8. The Kong gag is great! The safety equipment issue IS ridiculous many times. I worked on a job site that required a safety harness if you were going to work six feet above the ground. The harness had a lanyard that deployed once you fell eight feet. Fall off a six foot ladder, and you are just as injured than if you had NO harness. Funny stuff.

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