Cat and Sasquatch

Bizarro is brought to you today by I’m in a Big Rush to Get Everything Done Before I Leave Town in the Morning.

Like the title says, I’m in a big rush. So no clever talk or fancy-pants links to funny pictures. Just two cartoons. If I have time, I’ll make some more posts and schedule them to come out in the subsequent days.

Geez, I’m stressed, but whatever. It’ll all get done somehow.

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6 Responses to Cat and Sasquatch

  1. Pamela in Calgary, AB says:

    Sorry you’re feeling so stressed Dan…hope things smooth out soon.

  2. Alex says:

    I don’t see any of the Bizarro specials (bird, rabbit, alien) in the cat cartoon, or in yesterday’s Cliff Harris cartoon.

    Did you forget them? Or left them away on purpose? Did you do this before, or just recently? Will the world end soon?

    • Piraro says:

      Sometimes I leave them out, chiefly because the drawing is so simple that random objects would become a distraction, especially to people who have not noticed them before. Thanks for noticing!

  3. Cliff says:


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  5. Gruhn says:

    Dan! Looks like we are on the same page. Your drawing is about 20 years ahead of me to be sure.

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