Prescription Giraffe Souls


(For a larger view of this cartoon, click the cop’s handcuffs.)

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If you like cartoons I have good news: here are three of them. If you don’t like cartoons, I have equally good news: there are literally dozens of other web sites that do not feature them. The choice is yours, my friend.

As for these cartoons, let me begin by applauding my good friend and colleague, Cliff Harris, for dreaming up the clever concept above, in which a driver has a prescription windshield. And if I were a less modest man, I’d also applaud myself for achieving this dandy drawing to illustrate it. But I’m not, so I won’t. I’ll leave that to others wiser than I.





Speaking of clever colleagues and fleshy hands slapping together, I must also applaud my known associate, Wayno, for the concepts below. I found these two ideas amusing and enjoyed illustrating them. If you do not find them amusing, please direct your complaints to Wayno at his blog: PleaseDon’tBeMeanToMeI’

As my regular blog readers know, I’ve long been interested in the human phenomenon of belief in invisible magic people of all kinds. I was raised as a staunch Catholic, later explored fundamentalist Christianity, then free-form spirituality (during which time I was certain there was a god but none of the known religions had it right), then agnosticism (as I defined it; belief that knowledge of a supreme being is unknowable), and eventually rational thought, which can only lead to a certainty that the entire topic is a common delusion of the human mind (commonly known as “atheism.”)

Statistics would show that most of you reading right now believe in some sort of supreme being. Rest assured I am not making fun of you, just having a smile about the various ideas about what happens after life. Myself, I fully expect to close my eyes and cease to exist in any way, exactly like the billions of years that passed before I was born. I realize that most people are uncomfortable with this idea but I find it very reassuring.

For those of you interested in an intellectual approach to pursuit of the truth about this topic, I highly recommend reading “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins. I’ve personally read many dozens of books about theology, religion, and atheism, and this one is quite likely my favorite.

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20 thoughts on “Prescription Giraffe Souls

  1. Love your art, Dan! I couldn’t agree with you more on the religion topic. I, like most atheists, also traveled that road to enlightenment. I have been noticing lately that most of the vegetarians/vegans that I know are also atheists. I guess it makes sense; if you’re smart enough to get one, you’re smart enough to get the other.

  2. The prescription windshield isn’t an entirely original concept e.g. Billy Connolly had a routine about it, and there was a piece about them on the news in the UK last April. At the very beginning of April, to be exact. 8)

  3. :-) @ religion topic … if it’s any consolation, after we die we are still around, just a little (read a LOT) more dispersed as our atoms become … something else

  4. Here are some comments on religion that I thought you might find interesting. (from

    To say that “all religion is bad” is an oversimplification bordering on intellectual bigotry and does not hold up to any measure of scrutiny. However, to say that “NO religion is bad” is equally over-simplified and holds up even less. I can think of FOUR religions, off the top of my head, that would make the world a better place by having their influence diminished to near-total obscurity – two of them are very large, two of them are sort of new, one of them is VERY new, and none of them are Judaism or Buddhism. Have fun guessing.

    Science has not and probably will not “disprove” the existance of God. However, it’s doing a very good job of making the prospect of an all-knowing, loving, benevolent God to seem very, very unlikely. Ironically, the much more ancient notion of god(s) as a super-powerful yet petty and scatterbrained uber-being treating the world like a bucket of not-especially-well-cared-for toys seems more plausible by the day.

    I disagree with people who say “I have no problem with faith, it’s organized religion that’s the problem.” Frankly, organized religion is fine by me – I “get” people needing/wanting some kind of structured sense of community and ritual to build get-togethers and holidays around; and that’s cool by me. MY problem is when the actual faith/beliefs involved are take SO seriously by adherents that they actually want it to effect the way the world is organized and run.

    • Science doesn’t need to “disprove” the existence of god anymore than it needs to disprove the existence of unicorns. The burden of proof is on the person or people who suggest such things.

        • For the most part, I agree with the first and third points. I’ve never said “All religion is bad,” but I have said that religion has historically been a negative force on society. All religions worm their way into politics and affect the way the world is organized and run, thus poisoning the communities in which they are entrenched, and sometimes the rest of the world.

          • I usually go with the belief that no religion is good or bad. Assigning power to it almost validates its legitimacy. I end up thinking it’s the people in it, that as a created social group, tend to have more influence (good or bad) than they would have individually. Religion is an empty, human created construct that masks the real, underlying power.

            My opinion anyway.

  5. I was also brought up Catholic and went on a similar journey as you except I stopped short of atheism and went to a non-religious belief in something other. I enjoy all your cartoons dealing with religion. Amit Goswami’s book “God is not dead” shows how quantum physics can point to the existense of God. One way or the other it comes to belief about something we can’t know or understand. I guess enjoying the mystery of this crazy existence is the way to go. By the way, I think most vegetarians are religious, e.g. Hindus, Buddhists, Daoists. I am vegan and have wondered about a lot of vegans being atheist. I guess it means you are thinking if are one or the other.

  6. Dan,

    The concept of a prescription windshield may have been around, but your cartoon captured the joke in a subtle way that made me laugh. Har.

  7. thanks for all your help with the rain in oklahoma. we got several waves of rain last week! the weather girl on channel 4 has a cute jiggle and that may have helped some.

  8. to Tim M. I’m pretty sure Amrit Goswami is of that opinion because it is the one which sells more books. Steven Weinberg, physicist also, has a differing opinion when he says “The more the universe seems comprehensible, the more it also seems pointless.”

    Regarding proof, Victor Stenger, Ph.D, has at least three books out on the theme clearly expressed in the title of one of them: God, The Failed Hypothesis : How Science Shows That God Does Not Exist.

    Certainly, dan, I agree the onus of proof is on the one making the assertion however in science falsifying a hypothesis is a valid endevour (see Carl Popper) and I think Stenger is successful in that endeavour. I, too, am an atheist coming to that position after years of trying to confirm various superstitious delusions. I feel much better now.

    • I believe Amit Goswami believes what he writes just as I believe Richard Dawkins believes what he writes. I too feel better, so I think we both have good beliefs. If you feel good and act well (none of us are perfect), your belief is serving you and not the other way around.

  9. I like the art in the corrective lens comic. For some reason, I especially like how you drew the police man’s gut- he looks just like my co-workers! They aren’t policemen, though…

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