Clown Cat Homework Murder


Bizarro is brought to you today by Cross-Country Move.

I’ve not been blogging the past few days because I was moving to LA. I’m here now, without my stuff, it’s all on a van somewhere between the East and West Coast. Unless the guys who picked it up were frauds and are flying to Rio with my clothes and furniture. If that is the case, I hope they’ll be happy together.

Now that I’m in LA, I’ve foolishly not brought the proper computer files to continue my blogging without a big hassle, so I have to steal my own images off of Daily Ink, the subscription service that King Features offers. Thank goodness I have an account. You should get one, too.

The cartoons above and below are collaborations with my “known associate,” Wayno. His stories about them are here.

And here are some cartoons that I did not post last week while I was feverishly packing and cursing my sore back and torn fingers. Yes, I tore my fingers during the move. Not off, fortunately.























I hope you enjoyed these comics. If you enjoyed them half as much I enjoyed making them for you, then you enjoyed them two thirds more than twice the amount that no one enjoyed the Irish Potato Famine. And that’s an historical fact!

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30 thoughts on “Clown Cat Homework Murder

  1. Congratulations and good fortune in your new adventure! Please keep us Bizarro Jazz Pickles posted on the trials and tribulations of adjusting to life on the left coast.

  2. Wow. From the 18 years I lived in LA (and loved it until I was laid off and found it most practical to move back to the east coast) it was the transplanted New Yorkers who moaned all the time about what a lousy city it was. I hope you have found the part of LA which ‘fits’ you best and that you will not have that particular problem.

    If you have never seen it, be sure to visit the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Culver City when you need a break.

  3. Slap some Dragon-meat on those torn finger, it’ll be good as new in no time! I find that Unicorn tail-hair is best for keeping the meat in place so that it doesn’t fall off every two minutes. Hope this helps :)

  4. Wow moving to Lala Land huh? A hotbed of new material.. must be such a shock for an east coast dude like yourself.. Welcome to your new home.

    Enjoy the day.

    Best regards


  5. wow.. i guess I didnt realize you were serious about moving to LA…. im wondering if thats one of the drawbacks about being a cartoonists……people may not always know……I hope you like it there, Dan… My daughter has been there since July.. she likes it… gets homesick sometimes, but lots of fun, too….Having had dogs and cats my entire life, I love todays comics .. my fur friends do stuff like that all the time.( have TV shows and tear homework up!)….thanksgiving dinner… FB on the TV…..just like real life! not sure how you do it, but you get my little grey cells to activate into thinking what was already on my mind …….

    • actually I mean I KNEW you were contemplating it… I just didnt know you would move there that fast… same thing my kid did…sorta mentioned it then… she just took off! something about LA i guess..

  6. Best wishes for your new start in LA. Hopefully life will start looking up for you soon. Keep your chin up and your fingers out of sharp things!

  7. Welcome to the City of Angels! Hope getting here on a warm winter day helped making the transition. 350days of motorcyle weather! Check out Blackkat Motorcycle for a sweet classic Beemer!


  8. You’re in a different timezone now? How am I going to cyber stalk your time spent online if the time-stamp for your blog posts is potentially registered in PST? My band of Brooklyn compatriots will no longer need to be on the lookout for you every day so they can brag that they saw you in their neighborhood and make me feel bad about not moving to “the city” with them and might have to find other ways to spend their time. Clearly you showed no regard in how this change would affect me, so I hope you’re happy.

  9. I hope the move works out well for you. Which part of LA did you end up in? Be prepared for the winds that are forecast to arrive Wednesday night…

    • Wow, it’s Wednesday night and there was just a huge windstorm. Are you magic?

      I’m still looking for a place to live so I’m not sure where I’ll end up.

  10. Greetings from a fan in Mexico City. I have a few of your books, and read you here in your blog, and I can’t believe you left your dear NYC! What was the decision to move to a such a different type of town?

  11. Hey, welcome Dan. I’m sure you’ll get along just fine out here. Can you share where you ended up? Over the years I migrated from near LAX in Inglewood out to Yorba Linda in north Orange County. It’s all good.

  12. Welcome to the west coast! I’d give you pointers, but I’ve only been here a couple months myself since finally escaping Dallas!

    • Congrats on your escape. I lived in Dallas for more than 20 years and the only thing I liked was a few dozen of my friends. The city itself, and the entire state (with the exception of Austin) I could live without.

  13. Since you’re in L.A., if you like informative yet goofy morning TV shows to have for background noise, I have to recommend “Good Day LA” on Fox 11. Steve Edwards, the anchor, is a transplanted NYer and the heart of the show. He is a true Veteran Broadcaster, whom I think you would seriously enjoy. The show is on for 3 hours every day, starting at 7 am.

    Hope you enjoy the west coast… when you get the bike fixed, I HIGHLY recommend taking a ride up PCH especially the stretch from San Louis Obispo up to Monterrey. And don’t forget Yosemite….

  14. Welcome to Southern California. I’m sure we’re all curious as to why you chose L.A. which is supposed to be a culturally blighted, and why you didn’t move to S.F. where I think you spent some time in art school (?). I’ve lived in the L.A. area for 45 years of my nearly 50-year life and could not live anywhere else. The #1 reason: weather.

    So, when it gets below 50 degrees and I’ve got my muffler, coat and mittens on, please don’t say, “Cold? This is nothing–back in New York…..”

    P.S. You haven’t mentioned CHNW in awhile. Hope that is not one of the reasons for this move and hope that she is with you.

  15. Welcome to LA, Dan Piraro! Its actually a conglomerate of “parts of town” so if you’re still looking for a place, choose your favorite element and live near that. It’s a great place with lots of warm people. The plastic surgery and flighty narcissists are only a veneer, and are not the real LA. Best to you settling in. Great choice! – Jeano

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