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Bizarro is brought to you today by a GAZILLION cartoons.

It occurred to me yesterday that today is the 27th anniversary of Bizarro. The first Bizarro cartoon ran in seven newspapers on January 21, 1985. So that means I’ve been writing and drawing a cartoon-a-day for 27 years! What the hell?

In the photo at left, I am asking myself, “How did this happen?” It seems like just last week that I began this strange journey (okay, it hasn’t been that strange, really; in the end it is just a job that you do every day and somebody sends you a paycheck), but in fact, it was more than a quarter of a century ago.  Does this make me old? (Yes!)  No, of course not, but it would if I had been an adult when I started, which I wasn’t. I was only an infant. The picture below was taken the day I signed my first syndication contract. Look how proud my mother is.

So happy anniversary to me and to Bizarro. Here is a brief list of highlights from my career:

1985––got syndicated

1990––still syndicated

2000––syndicated some more

2010––can’t afford to quit

2012––more cartoons? Are you kidding?

It’s been a wild and wonderful ride and I have my dozens of loyal readers to thank! I wish I could thank each and every one of you personally, but I’m too important and arrogant to remember all 26 of your names. So thank you, one and all.


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  1. Congratulations. Having topped out at 10 years in a single profession, I cannot imagine doing anything for 27 years straight, let alone entertaining a large number of people and annoying an even larger number every day. And you are not just up to 27 years, you’re up to 55% of the length of Charles Schulz’s run on Peanuts (which was not 50 years, just 49 years 4 months – if you believe Wikipedia). And you’ve done it with a title you didn’t hate (just the folks at DC Comics hate you for it). And without having to introduce a new kid named Rerun (well, so far). Still, compared with how the last 27 years has been for me and a lot of other people, you are doing OK! I just hope these few words have depressed you less than they have me.

  2. Congrats from a Grateful Jazz Pickle. I know all good things must come to an end, but i hope you are around for another couple of decades, for sure.

  3. Congratulations! I can’t remember when I started seeing your cartoons but I’m sure it was in the SF Chronicle, and now in the Oakland Tribune. I love them!

  4. How about posting your very first Bizarro comic here? (I’m not sure if that should have a question mark — I’ll have to check with my editor.)

  5. Congratulation Dan! The only thing I have ever done for longer than 6 years is eat and breath. ( sadly I don’t get paid for either one!) So you’re WAY ahead of me! Great job and even when you have “help” from those crazy “know associates,” your daily is better than most. With an average as good as yours, you should definitely be playing in the majors. Oh wait, YOU ARE!!

  6. Congratulations Dan! I am so amazed that your brain can come up with so many funny or thought provoking cartoons! I would be lucky to come up with two, maybe three ideas in my lifetime. And there you are, just pumping those great ideas out for 27 years, so far. I’m glad you have a job you enjoy and can make some money at. I wish everyone could work at a job they enjoyed. Don’t you think it would make for a happier planet? Good job!,! Here’s wishing you many more more years of lovely productivity! We love you!

  7. Congratulations on having an original idea a day for twenty seven years! I know people who struggle to think of something once a month! Here’s to many many more cartoons!

  8. Congrats, Dan! As the song goes: “You’re the top! You’re the baked potato! You’re the top – you’re the enchirito!” At least, that’s how we sing it at my house.

  9. ¡Felicidades, Dan! And big thanks from a loyal BJP for so many smile-inducing, thought-provoking cartoons. Here’s to the next 27 years!

  10. Oh congrats: That is fantastic news.

    Thanks for all the laughter!

    Yesterday at work, I randomly stumbled across your bird on the psych couch telling the specialist ‘My mother used to puke in my mouth’ , and, I had a full blown conniption. Seriously, I couldn’t control myself for several minutes.

    You hit the spot mate something chronic mate, and that’s what it’s all about!

    Keep it up!! :)

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  12. Congratulations Dan! I had no idea that Bizarro had been around for so long. I just remember reading them in the Sunday newspaper as a kid and loved them ever since.

    Keep up the great job!

  13. I’m going to say this, and you might think that I’m just being nice, but you don’t look old enough. I seriously thought when the 1985 date came up that it would be something you doodled when you were a kid. That being said, big congrats on the accomplishment.

  14. FOL (farted out loud) which is what happened when I laughed after reading this. You are where we all want you to be so please keep it up. Thank you for brightening our days.

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