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I don’t normally post as often as I have in recent days but this cartoon about the delivery man has more than a few readers puzzled, so I thought I’d explain it here and just direct all questioners to this blog.

There is no secret meaning to this, it’s just that a tiny person lives in a tiny home and the doorbell is too loud for their tiny ears. A bit esoteric, yes, but that’s what my Jazz Pickles like.

This one isn’t confusing anyone that I know of but if you still find yourself confused, perhaps you should speak to a licensed physician and have them adjust your medication.

One final note: I must say I’m happy with the way the drawing of this dress turned out. It looks stiff and poofy, just as certain formal gowns do. I like it when I can nail the look of something off the top of my head like that. Cartoonists are easily amused, I guess.

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11 thoughts on “Knock Wrap

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  2. I believe the reason that some people did not ‘get’ the tiny people point is that we would have expected the tiny house to have a tiny doorbell. : )

  3. Love love your ‘toons.

    Just like to point out that tiny people with tiny ears would need thing louder than us big people cause their ears have less surface area. Ain’t science a bitch, sometimes?

    • I place small out-of-place objects in almost all of my cartoons. Been doing it for about 15 years. Here’s the basic list, from most common to least: Eyeball, dynamite, alien, K2, pie, bunny, upside-down bird, fish tail, shoe, arrow. Collect them all!

  4. I am often puzzled but always intrigued by your cartoons. You are a superb draftsman with a wide-ranging imagination. I’m glad the syndicate and my local paper have the good sense to publish your creations. Long live Piraro/Bizarro!

  5. “…we would have expected the tiny house to have a tiny doorbell. : )”

    Merrilee, I think it’s actually BECAUSE the “doorbell” is normal sized that the premise is funny. Imagine the button connected to the bells inside Big Ben ringing in YOUR house…

    I know, a little late in the day for this reply.

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