LA Comedy Show Postmortem


Last night’s comedy show in LA went well and everyone had a terrific time. This was verified by federal polling officials who interviewed each and every member of the audience as they exited, ascertaining that their time was “terrific.” Thanks to all you Jazz Pickles who showed up and said “hi.”

While I enjoyed my set, my favorite part of the evening by far was getting to meet Garfunkel and Oates, a comedy duo who have been among my absolute favorites for a few years now. The image below these words is non-Photoshopped proof (except for red-eye reduction) of our meeting.

If I look pleased, that is because I was trying to hide my ecstasy. I meet a fair amount of celebrities and am not particularly thrilled by it, but on rare occasion I meet someone whose work is truly brilliant and I get all riled up and how. These young ladies’ work is truly brilliant. Apart from their amazing comedy skills, they’re also both fairly accomplished actresses. Wiki Garfunkel and Oates here to find out more.

They performed two new songs last night that were probably the funniest I’ve ever heard them do. But here’s one of my favorite older songs of theirs.


5 thoughts on “LA Comedy Show Postmortem

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  2. Kate Micucci is probably the cutest person ever. As a general trend, I feel like my favorite comedians and cartoonists are women. I wonder why that is. Tina Fey, Marlo Meekins, Kate Beaton… I was about to go listing some thirty or so but I’ll settle on the three that come to mind first.

  3. Bwaahaha! (I’d pay two goats and a camel for either one of that pair.) But you can relax, Dan- your cartoons are still #1, here. (Leave your mug out, though- it’s scaring my cat.)


    Your beloved reader in T.O.

  4. Thanks so much for the tip on G&O. I don’t know where I’ve been that I’ve missed their stuff, but I am so happy to have found it now!

    (Oh, and I think you and your comics are great too!)

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