No Time Like The…No Time Like The…


(To make this image larger, almost like magic, click the time machine’s transflamograter.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by A Cure For The Holiday Blues.

Today’s offering is a collaboration with my good buddy, Phil Witte. He’s an exceedingly nice chap and the two of us kicked around the idea of a malfunctioning time machine that keeps putting the operator back a few seconds. It’s an interesting notion, being trapped forever in the same moment with no way to adjust the machine and get out.

This cartoon reminded me of one of my favorite movies of all time, Groundhog Day. I saw this gem of a film when it came out, again a few times over the years and then just a few weeks ago. It still holds up so point your eyes at it soon.

Phil is a good cartoonist in his own right and you can see more of his humor here. And here.

To draw the time machine, I researched the Interwebs and found a site by a guy who had built a (more or less) exact replica of the one from the 1960 film, The Time Machine. I was so enamored with his wacky story and site that I used him and his creation (more or less) as the model for this cartoon. I hope he sees it. You can peruse his unusual story here.

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39 thoughts on “No Time Like The…No Time Like The…

  1. Wow!! Todays comic is hilarious and frightening at the same time. I don’t usually feel empathy for a comic strip character ( Charlie Brown excluded ) but man do I feel for this guy. Thanks for starting my day with a huge laugh but now I’m gonna be creeped out all day. T.B.

    • It’s a creepy prospect for the operator indeed.

      But thinking further leads to yet another interesting time-machine-paradoxon:

      It’s obvious that the operator never gets the screwdriver. But how does the scene evolve from the view of the boy who’s outside the time machine and thus presumably should not be affected?

      Hm, probably the machine just vanishes for good. OK, thinking simple sometimes is best.

    • There’s actually 11 different symbols to be looked for each day. None are in every day, but the eye of observation is the most common. I love it when the rare ones show up – like the arrow of vulnerability, the crown of power, the fish of humility, and the lost loafer.

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  3. I got to see (what was left) of the original Time Machine in the 80s at some really out-of-the-way place that had a half-dozen Sci-Fi props on display, including an Spinner from Blade Runner. It ws cool to see it, but it was in such run-down condition that it was also depressing. I’d really, really like to own the little model of the Time Machine that was in the film.

  4. Dan,

    This has nothing to do with your comics, but last week you made a cameo in a very strange dream I was having. In it, my dad was flying a WWII-era bomber in a dogfight with a Nazi general (I know – bombers don’t dogfight) over the campus of the university where I work. The two ended up in an injury-free head-on collision which brought both planes down, nose-to-nose, at my feet. My dad and the Nazi jump out of the plane yelling and making rude gestures towards one another, until you of all people show up with a vintage camera. Upon seeing the picturebox, the two immediately embrace one another and smile for the photo.

    I have no idea either. I guess you’re just great at diffusing tense situations through absurdity and humor. Or something.

  5. cartoon dated 12-1-12…….. Man leading boy with safety harness…..I dont get it! Man seems to have see thru glove on…….Help! Its driving me crazy, Im missing something…..

      • Yes, I found it AFTER I wasted your time replying to my post…. Also I found out that the paper didnt print the whole drawing so I assumed that they had cut out a important part of the cartoon. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question, I have always been a fan your work!

  6. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I loved the movie The Time Machine and I thoroughly enjoyed the website and movie of the man who re-created the vehicle. What a labor of love. Groundhog Day is another very special movie with a strong message.

  7. do not know how long this will last here but when i am done i will cut and past to your blog…sad day for me and cate…we had become upset with the state journal register over the last year…their reporting was becoming shoddy…their typos even in major headlines were becoming disturbing and there were advertisements on the front page…so we cut off our 7 day a week subscription and went to 2

    …we almost didn’t because of your cartoons and the op-ed page and sadly the obits…now the only place i will see all of your cartoons is your blog…i hate this and our paper delivery person was freaked out because it was christmas…i am beginning to consider the internet and vulture capitalism as evil…

  8. FYI: Zoltan is my dad’s middle name… one does not need to be from outer space to be so named, just from Hungary!
    Great name, though, eh?

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