Xmas comiX


‘Twas the night before Christmas and I was too lazy to type out “it was.”

For your holiday amusement, I present today’s cartoon PLUS a few of my favorite Bizarro cartoons from past years. Feel free to copy, save, forward, post, etc. Have a happy and prosperous whatever you’re having, Jazz Pickles.

























15 thoughts on “Xmas comiX

  1. Thanks for filling every day that you blog with cheer and food for thought! Your witty cartoons just make my day. Wishing you a peaceful vegan holidays and nothing but good stuff in 2013.

  2. I love, love, love your work—and the commentary makes me LOL (and I use that abbreviation sparingly). Unfortunately, your wittiness is sometimes lost on my knucklehead friends and relatives. I’m stuck with the relatives, but perhaps I need new friends……….

    Have a fantastic holiday, and thanks for making me laugh at least once a day!

  3. Just had Christmas Eve feast with my (extended-20 +) family.Italian style (seven fishes) and I have to tell you,after all I ate tonight and what I have scheduled (meat) tomorrow,I’m glad I’m not a vegan.Dan,you are a brilliant human being and a wonderful humorist (or vise -versa),but after a couple rum and cokes I have to tell you-You are missing something my friend.Years ago there was a commercial that used the line”Try it,you’ll like it!”.So I implore you to come back to the fold.It’s a wonderful Life-Merry Christmas.

    • I know what you mean and I do miss that kind of food. I also miss cheerleaders, but if I hadn’t given up chasing them years ago I’d be in jail by now. My own sense of ethics won’t allow me to indulge in either. Have a great holiday. :o)

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  5. Boo-hoo!

    I wantd to forward your “Calvin Klein: The Early Years” cartoon to friends but no luck. Did you take it off this page?

    I’d love to share it; it’s too funny not to.

    Bernie Wenzel

    • They’ve reprogrammed my blog a bit and added it to the King Features group of blogs so some things are buggy. If it persists, let me know exactly what you’re seeing or not seeing and I’ll forward it to the person in charge of that stuff. Thanks.

      • The image URL has two periods before the extension (“..jpg”). Apparently some browsers fix that automatically (mine doesn’t).

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