Ice King


(For an embiggenated version of this cartoon, click on the penthouse apartment at 439 East 57th St.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Dignity in Death.

This cartoon was a bear to draw. I didn’t want an unrealistic city scene and couldn’t find just the right photo reference, so I built the entire city of Manhattan in actual size and took my own pic. It took me 388 years. You can visit it here.

The concept for this gag came from my good friend and cartoon colleague, Dan McConnell. He loves him some Sno Cones and is something of a big ape himself, so it was likely inevitable that he came up with this combo.


20 thoughts on “Ice King

  1. It must have been lots of fun to place the secret symbols.

    It took me quite a while to find the last one – even though it was the largest of all … – Well played!

  2. I can’t find the sixth symbol, although there are two small blobs that look a bit like the pie in the lower right and lower left corners – but that would make it seven (with the pie, eye, K2, dynamite and UFO).

    • That’s one of those computer voodoo things. Different computers and browsers will do different things. On my computer, it’s way embiggened.

    • There’s a small “K2” in white on a black background toward the bottom, just to the left of the white parking garage looking building. Sorry, that was a tough one.:o)

  3. I was told by my employment lawyer that I am being “constructively discharged” from my job (isolation, insults below the HR radar, etc…) It is actually a legal term you can google….

    So I have immediately asked my lawyer whether there is a legal term for “destructive hiring”

    To which he has politely smiled…and I thought : “wow, that’s one for Bizarro…”

    Love your work man ! Actually I took the day off today to heal my wounded pride and LOL at your old comics.

    Also search for a job…I guess

    Keep up the HILARIOUS comics. You managed to make me laugh with tears and I am supposed to be depressed and all this boo-boo-bee-boo losing my job…

    Your comics strip should be illegal since it is so addictive

    Thanks again and cheers

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