Lock Box

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I’m changing my posting habits and will be posting a single cartoon each day, the day it appears in newspapers. Unless I get kidnapped or beaten up and can’t use my hands to type or have something marginally better to do.

So to catch us up, here’s Monday’s cartoon, a collaboration with my good pal, Andy Cowan. Andy is a TV writer whose credits include “Seinfeld,” “Third Rock From the Sun,” “Cheers,” “The Merv Griffin Show,” and some other stuff I can’t remember. He’s a dandy fellow and he’s single, ladies! (Leave your sexy messages to Andy in the comments section of this post and I’ll forward them to him!)

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6 Responses to Lock Box

  1. Other caption: Attach post-it-note: “Would whoever took the key please return it to security?”

  2. Mike Bassett says:

    Sad that newspapers are fading away. Loved the comics but thanks the Piraro, I can get my fix again.
    Wait until a solar flair knocks out our communications for a week or longer. Everyone will be clambering for a newspaper, printed maps and a phone book. And little notes that they scribbled when the Internet was up and running. Whole new topic matter for a cartoon Piraro.

  3. Zombit says:

    “I’m changing my posting habits and will be posting a single cartoon each day, the day it appears in newspapers.”
    Great decision Dan.
    So much better !
    As a long-time jazz pickle I can tell you there is nothing better for an addict than “immediate gratification”.
    And the shorter the duration of the high, the more frequent hits we need.

  4. rubber_wonder_boy says:

    Gramer nest time? & capitols, 2!

    That iz: The sine should reed “outer THEN spleing, gramer, capitols, ….”

    RLY, why iz “other than speling” right to being with?

  5. Saucy says:

    Please consider this a “sexy message” for Andy Cowan :) (I don’t want him to feel rejected if none were received after your offer – and I am single!)

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