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I’m changing my posting habits and will be posting a single cartoon each day, the day it appears in newspapers. Unless I get kidnapped or beaten up and can’t use my hands to type or have something marginally better to do.

So to catch us up, here’s Monday’s cartoon, a collaboration with my good pal, Andy Cowan. Andy is a TV writer whose credits include “Seinfeld,” “Third Rock From the Sun,” “Cheers,” “The Merv Griffin Show,” and some other stuff I can’t remember. He’s a dandy fellow and he’s single, ladies! (Leave your sexy messages to Andy in the comments section of this post and I’ll forward them to him!)

6 thoughts on “Lock Box

  1. Sad that newspapers are fading away. Loved the comics but thanks the Piraro, I can get my fix again.

    Wait until a solar flair knocks out our communications for a week or longer. Everyone will be clambering for a newspaper, printed maps and a phone book. And little notes that they scribbled when the Internet was up and running. Whole new topic matter for a cartoon Piraro.

  2. “I’m changing my posting habits and will be posting a single cartoon each day, the day it appears in newspapers.”

    Great decision Dan.

    So much better !

    As a long-time jazz pickle I can tell you there is nothing better for an addict than “immediate gratification”.

    And the shorter the duration of the high, the more frequent hits we need.



  3. Gramer nest time? & capitols, 2!

    That iz: The sine should reed “outer THEN spleing, gramer, capitols, ….”

    RLY, why iz “other than speling” right to being with?

  4. Please consider this a “sexy message” for Andy Cowan :) (I don’t want him to feel rejected if none were received after your offer – and I am single!)

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