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Bizarro is brought to you today by Creepy Strangers.

Clowns are another favorite and recurring theme for me as a cartoonist, even though I kind of hate them in real life. Even as a child I didn’t trust them. To me, it was a human in a disguise acting weird and trying to get me to like them. I couldn’t see the difference between them and other strangers with candy that my parents had warned me about. I’m still very uncomfortable around clowns and prefer to move away from them.

Now I know that most people who do the clown thing are nice folks who just want to make people laugh or whatever, so don’t start complaining that I’m calling all clowns pedophiles. Only a small percentage of them are. Like priests.

This fun little ditty was a collaboration with my known associate, Wayno.  He’s a clever little monkey and is particularly good at clown gags. Here’s my favorite of his, I think, which is one that he wrote and drew for me as a guest cartoonist back in a former year. Words cannot express how much I like that gag. Well, yes, they can; I like it SO much.

Wayno has an entertaining blog of his own and here’s what he says about today’s cartoon.


6 thoughts on “Lobby Buffoonery

  1. My duaghter, now 35, is still afraid of clowns. Like you would rather not have them near! I am reposting this just for her.

    Thanks Dan for the Sunday chuckle.

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  3. My mother-in-law painted a clown picture for my older boy when he was little. My first reaction was a joking “Augh! Scary Dead Clown!” My wife (a psychologist) had never heard about people being frightened of clowns. So now she teases me about being scared of clowns. It’s a slightly disturbing painting, now sitting for years behind a tv stand facing a wall. Someday I’ll post it.

    The San Diego union-trib has been changing their print format around, sometimes they print your cartoon too small to make out the details, while other simpler cartoons like Marmaduke are huge. And that stupid Mallard Fillmore ought to be parodied to oblivion.

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