Identity Thieves


bz panel 06-05-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Couples Who Look Alike.

They say that if a couple is together long enough, they begin to look like each other. The couple in this cartoon has taken that to another level.

The truth is that because of a biological phenomenon called “imprinting” (which occurs in most species) we tend to be attracted to people whose faces resemble those we imprinted on when we were infants. That is most often a family member, so we grow up unknowingly being attracted to people with similar coloring and facial organization as ourselves. When people get old, they lose their sexuality to some degree and men and women look more androgynous, at which point, elderly couples can often look like siblings. Now, before people start writing in saying, “Not true. My husband is a 300-pound black man and I am a 79-pound, blonde eskimo,” I’m not talking about every single couple. It’s just a rule of thumb and once you learn it, you’ll begin seeing it in the couples around you, young and old. Maybe even in your own relationships.

My SpecialLadyFriend, Klamelda, and I are textbook examples. I didn’t notice it at first but now that I see us in pictures together, there is a definite resemblance. Example here.

bz strip 06-07-13









18 thoughts on “Identity Thieves

  1. The picture of you and Klamelda more likely seems to say that you’re in love with yourself! — Reminded me of the pic of this couple here (seems like they are just meeting, both shy and all. Where will it end?):

    Oh, here they are! A quarter century into their marriage, standing at the divorce court, blaming one another!

  2. She’s got “man-hands” and he’s got “moobs”!

    I wonder who gets to manhandle who they they attempt intimate wrestling matches in the parlor? [lol]

  3. I agree with you on that subject! couples do start to look a lot alike after years of being together. Another thing I have heard is pets looking like their owners and vice-versa, and since we rescued the coolest dog I have ever met a year and a half ago, I have been to dog parks and met several people and dogs that fall into that category! Hilarious! Have fun in Yosemite and please Dan, don’t go swimming in rivers that flow into 350 ft. waterfalls.

    ( too soon ? )

  4. You know who I’ve always thought looked identical (even though–as far as I know–they’re not a couple): Steve Balmer (yes of Microsoft fame) and Kung Fu Panda! I swear, one of them just had to have been a model for the other.

    Which modeled for which I haven’t a clue…

  5. the clean air has got you on roll. Enjoyed everything in this post including the wife’s apeish hairy hands!

  6. hello dan piraro,

    im along tiem fan form argentina that have write too you one time before, i, m close to be a clinical psicology, form a very prestige university in my country (if you don`t belive me is alright, fyi is the unlp). and i know for a fact that your previous estament is wrong , what we find a tractive is some aspect of the other person that we can related form aour infacie for very diferent reason, is not a neurological thing thats a U.S.a lie, that is not a fact that especulation, and is not in no other species. is very well know, and you can reed from Freud in: INTRODUCTION TO NARCISIMS, OR OTHERS PUBLISH FORM THAT ERA ,that is the most respect and most suported teory up to date about the way “afection” ( becouse i can think for other trasnslation tight now), works, and in your country your “psicologys”, that rellly are more biologis profesor or neurologos than psicologys , for the studys the have, think they can figure every thing aout whit a mahcine that looks the brain and that not true, the langues is a tool more powerfull , and the humna is more than one organ, thas way nobody respect psicology form your country, and i don`t want to take that like an insult, but im close to be a profesional on the field and i can support what the USa do in the field


    good bye

  7. Hmmm, did you put the wrong strip in on purpose – to see if anyone really looks at it? For me the clue was that the dates are different, so it can’t be the same joke drawn a bit differently.

  8. You’re right.I wouldn’t have recognized Klamelda if she didn’t have the cigar.I know a lot of people that resemble their pets,too.That’s why I don’t have one-any poor thing that would look like me might be Put down as a favor.

  9. you know dan you complaint that people don’t read what you write , but when someone does , and i have always read what you wirte , and comment about it i think it would be nice some resond, couse ohter whise what bodered?

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