Feline Attraction

Bizarro 06-09-13 WEB(For an enormously larger view of this cartoon, click on any cat.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by What the…??

I love me some super hero satire and have done a metric ton of it in my career. In fact, I put out an entire book of Bizarro super hero cartoons which is still available at finer book outlets like this one. I recommend it for several reasons: you might laugh when reading it; it makes the perfect gift for friends and enemies alike; I need the money.

Here is a cartoon around the same theme that I did in 2010. You have to admit that Batman’s mask is pretty amazing. Even though these two are built around the same premise, bz 11-19-10 BatmanRobinI think the one above is sufficiently different to warrant revisiting the theme.

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12 Responses to Feline Attraction

  1. Michael Roth says:

    Very cute! And interestingly, this is pretty much the same backyard as in your Mothman cartoon — mirrored!

    However Mothman has to live in a mirror world to Batman’s and Robin’s — aren’t moths, like insects in general, food to bats and robins? (I’ll check for spiders as well, but later! There hasn’t been a Worm- or Snail-Man yet, right? Oh, how much fun they’d be … Cartoon ideas pop up every couple of seconds!)

    Any plans for another superhero book? If not, I’ll make use of the key I have for the parallel world and see what the Dan Piraro over there is up to. Alas, their Piraro (still all hair!) isn’t quite as good — but they have better parking in World A (yes, we are “B” … or “C”? … No, wait, their “Zarro” is called Cizarro; we are “B”!)

  2. Museum Guard says:

    But cats of that size wouldn’t go after a bird that big … Oh, wait. This is a cartoon.
    Never mind.

  3. Jeff Kiser says:

    Made me laugh. More than the one in the paper today. Thanks.

  4. DCF says:

    Hey Dan — Gotta say I love the way you draw cats, and in such a variety of settings and situations. You really understand the feline, uh, purrsona.

  5. susan owen says:

    a friend sent me your cartoon of ‘salmonella’ and asked, isn’t this yours? no, the drawing isn’t, but the pun is, from a couple of years ago. did a drawing and story for my blog, an ongoing tale of a shapeshifting teen dragon and his friends. i love anne’s glass flipper. too funny. and your drawing is top notch. laughed my face off.

  6. Holy revisited theme batman! Ha, the both got a laugh out of us, so not sure which one was funnier. wish i could afford your book but if i did have a wish it would be for…
    great work, thanks for sharing…

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  10. dog biscuits says:

    Aha I’ve heard that somewhere before lol

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