Feline Attraction


Bizarro 06-09-13 WEB(For an enormously larger view of this cartoon, click on any cat.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by What the…??

I love me some super hero satire and have done a metric ton of it in my career. In fact, I put out an entire book of Bizarro super hero cartoons which is still available at finer book outlets like this one. I recommend it for several reasons: you might laugh when reading it; it makes the perfect gift for friends and enemies alike; I need the money.

Here is a cartoon around the same theme that I did in 2010. You have to admit that Batman’s mask is pretty amazing. Even though these two are built around the same premise, bz 11-19-10 BatmanRobinI think the one above is sufficiently different to warrant revisiting the theme.


12 thoughts on “Feline Attraction

  1. Very cute! And interestingly, this is pretty much the same backyard as in your Mothman cartoon — mirrored!

    However Mothman has to live in a mirror world to Batman’s and Robin’s — aren’t moths, like insects in general, food to bats and robins? (I’ll check for spiders as well, but later! There hasn’t been a Worm- or Snail-Man yet, right? Oh, how much fun they’d be … Cartoon ideas pop up every couple of seconds!)

    Any plans for another superhero book? If not, I’ll make use of the key I have for the parallel world and see what the Dan Piraro over there is up to. Alas, their Piraro (still all hair!) isn’t quite as good — but they have better parking in World A (yes, we are “B” … or “C”? … No, wait, their “Zarro” is called Cizarro; we are “B”!)

  2. But cats of that size wouldn’t go after a bird that big … Oh, wait. This is a cartoon.

    Never mind.

  3. Hey Dan — Gotta say I love the way you draw cats, and in such a variety of settings and situations. You really understand the feline, uh, purrsona.

  4. a friend sent me your cartoon of ‘salmonella’ and asked, isn’t this yours? no, the drawing isn’t, but the pun is, from a couple of years ago. did a drawing and story for my blog, an ongoing tale of a shapeshifting teen dragon and his friends. i love anne’s glass flipper. too funny. and your drawing is top notch. laughed my face off.

  5. Holy revisited theme batman! Ha, the both got a laugh out of us, so not sure which one was funnier. wish i could afford your book but if i did have a wish it would be for…

    great work, thanks for sharing…

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