Pony Rides


Bz panel 07-02-13bz strip 07-02-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Stay Off The White Couch.

Day two of J.C. Duffy’s guest week brings us this sick little ‘toon. The casual observer may not see anything too racy about this cartoon, but it is rife with innuendo. At least it is for J.C., who has always “wanted” a waitress.

At last report, he is still unsuccessful, in spite of the horse costume I sent him this year for Valentine’s Day.

See what Duffy has to say about it on his blog.


3 thoughts on “Pony Rides

  1. The restaurant patron sounds a little hoarse.

    Maybe that explains the long face.

    Thanks, I’m here Tuesday nights.

  2. I first discovered The Fusco Brothers in a newspaper magazine called “Hoot” in Columbus, Ohio back in the 80’s (undergrad – woot!); same for Bizarro. Both take me back to more carefree times…

  3. Dan,

    I hope you don’t mind if I post links to my FB of the pix you use. I just did with the dog, which is dog-gone funny! Here’s the commentary I used with that link:

    I’ve met people with rather interesting decor for their living rooms. Here’s a couple of groups I’ve seen during my travels:

    The everything-is-covered-up-in-plastic-because-it-cost-too-much-to-begin-with crowd.

    And then there’s the everything-must-be-WHITE crowd

    Either way, if I had a dog like this, guess who I would pay an unannounced visit to? [lol]

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