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(To see this cartoon all bigger and beautifuller, click the horse’s ass.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Malibu Cowboy.

This is a simple gag but it still makes me smile. I’ve been obsessed all my life with cowboys and the Old West. I don’t collect rifles or spurs or anything, I just love drawing cowboys, watching old cowboy movies (or new ones if they’re done well), and reading a bit about the history of it. I’d kill to be in a western movie or TV series where I get to dress up like a cowboy, ride a horse, say cowboy stuff like, “I reckon.” Man, that would be heaven. I’d be good at it, too. Having been raised in Oklahoma, I can do several completely believable cowboy accents.

My favorite thing about this cartoon, however is the title panel, shown below. I just went crazy drawing whatever came to mind and I love the way it turned out. Hope you do, too.Bz 08-18-13 hedrWEB



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  1. How strange that I should come across this today. My wife and I recently discovered the Inspiration Channel (INSP) on our DirectTV, and this faith-oriented channel inexplicably runs what they call “Saddle Up Saturday,” where they run multiple episodes of several old TV Westerns. Yesterday I watched a couple of episodes each of “Big Valley,” “High Chaparral,” “The Virginian,” and “Bonanza.” Some of these shows I had not seen since they originally aired in the late 1960s! I actually developed saddle sores from sitting on the couch for that long…

    Thanks for the laugh, Pardner!

  2. I swear that you are as twisted as I am and I rarely get to say that to anyone. Keep up the great work and please don’t quit like Berke did (insert smiley face).

  3. LOVE those ‘jesus boots’! (Hey- wanna trade em for a pair of 1970’s motorcycle ‘Noddy Boots’? (English boots like the Rockers used to wear- come up almost to yer knees, zipper and straps onna back. They used to call them ‘noddy boots’ because the motorcycle cops used to wear them- sure are great for when you run off the road, and through a barbwire fence. Size 9. Get back to me on that. (You can keep the bible-though- ain’t no christers where I am headed. Thank you, Gore Vidal.)

  4. OMG…truly awesome…!!!

    I was raised in Central Cali where alfalfa, cotton and cowboys abounded……then spent the ninetys+ in high desert of AZ……lots of real cowboys there………

    U definitely must find a way to let Ur inner cowboy gallop onto the big [or little], screen..giddy Up and Happy Trails to U………!

    My husband [who grew up in Indiana where cowboys never roamed, at least not where he lived], and I love Ur blog, and appreciate Ur creative genius….it totally ROCs…!!!

  5. Love the bone font in the title panel. In the main panel, the placement of K2 is inspired. And I am most wowed by the look of skepticism and/or disgust on the roan horse.

    My first ambition was to be a cowgirl; somewhere I have some black and white snapshots with a four year old me in my “outfit” complete with six shooter on a friend’s horse. I didn’t really ride, but I was thrilled to be led around. It was a very happy day for me.

    Later in life, I was fortunate enough that we had two horses and a pony in the family, and rode on many weekends, but not for show or competition. We just rode in our own pasture outside of Kansas City. My “little” bro and I were reminiscing about falling off last weekend. Taking a controlled fall is a skill well worth learning. And the principle applies to more than riding horses.

    • My mom has a few photos of me in my cowboy outfit at that same age. Plus, one of me getting ready for bed at night wearing only my new cowboy boots, which I got for my third birthday. I think I’ll leave that photo off of the blog, though. :o)

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