bz panel 08-19-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Multi-personality Mustache.

bz strip 08-19-13As people who follow science news know, bees are on the decline at an alarming rate (because of us–SURPRISE!) and if we don’t figure out how to reverse it, it will be cataclysmic for the entire planet. I know that sounds drastic, but think about it. The most common way plants spread their goodness is through the whole pollination/bee thing. No bees, no plants. No plants, nothing to eat (or to feed the critters that you eat if you’re a meat eater.) It’s a bummer but I did my part last week to alleviate the problem. I went outside early one morning and saw a live bee caught in a spider’s web. I’ve no idea why it hadn’t been eaten yet and the spider was nowhere to be found. Probably popped out for a latte. So I (carefully!) extracted the bee and used tweezers to pull the (INSANELY) sticky web off of him. Then I placed him in a flower pot outside. He disappeared later so either he recovered and flew away to save the world or another critter ate him. I’m hoping for the best.

bz panel 06-25-08 Fortune



BIZARROVERS: This title for my older cartoons section was suggested by a long-time Jazz Pickle who is serving with the military in Afghanistan, David  Ebinger. He didn’t get his idea to me in time for the voting we did last week because the Internet in Afghanistan is delivered by donkey, but I like it so I’m inserting it into the rotation list. Thanks, David. Stay safe!

Today’s cartoon from 2008 has the word “fortune” in it so in that way it is similar to the cartoon above. I guess. It was drawn as a result of my own pet peeve about fortune cookies never having actual fortunes in them. I don’t want wisdom, I want the cookie to tell me I’m going to come into a lot of money.


8 thoughts on “Fortuitous

  1. Dan! You’re in luck! Good fortune has come your way!

    I’m just back from Panda Express and after finishing my lunch, I opened the fortune cookie and it read: “Dan, you’re going to come into a lot of money!”

    Wait. The fortune paper has a wrinkle in it.

    Smoothing it out, I see that it actually reads, “Dang, you’re going to come into a lot of money.” Sorry.

    However, when this happens I’ll send you some, okay?

    Hey, us cartoonists and cartoonistas have to stick together, yes?

  2. Not to worry Dan, I suspect there’s a scientist in a lab somewhere thinking about creating a mechanical bee drone in case real bees go instinct. And thanks for risking pain and injury by saving the spider trapped bee, hope word gets around in the bee community.

  3. Foreigners make the occasional spelling error. “Fortune” cookies, shaped like conch shells, are really “for tune” cookies. The recycled paper in them just serves the purpose of the filmy stuff in a kazoo. Try “fat” (another spelling flub) cookies if you want to know the future . . .

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