Grim Twitter Smart Selfie Skeletons


bz panel 09-21-13bz strip 09-21-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Friendly Godzilla.

Okay, I’m still behind so the time has come to post multiple cartoons in a single post. Get ready for a wild ride.

I’ve done tons of Grim Reaper gags (as has every other cartoonist, except Jeff Keane in Family Circus) but this one really gives me a kick. I just love the deadpan nature of it. I’m guessing my pal, Cliff Harris the King of Wordplay got a kick out of it, too. It’s down his alley.






bz panel 09-23-13





Here’s a little cash register/Twitter humor. I really hate drawing store interiors because it’s so tedious filling in all of those products. On the bright side, it gives me a chance to hide some secret symbols and other types of “Easter egg” gags so it’s not all bad. bz strip 09-23-13









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And now we have a gag from my good buddy, Dan McConnell. He usually discusses these collaborations on his FB page but he hasn’t posted it as of this writing. I guess he’s waiting for me to post this. Anyway, check out his page and his other cartoons which can be found lurking thereon.








bz panel 09-25-13bz strip 09-25-13





What’s this? A cartoon collaboration with the gentleman mentioned in the first part of this post, Cliff Harris, the King of Wordplay. This is one of those rare ideas by Cliff that is not about wordplay, however. It’s more bone-play, but don’t take that in the wrong way. Cliff isn’t gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I’m particularly happy with the way the X-ray turned out in this one. Those things are kind of hard to draw very realistically and, unlike most cartoonists (not that there is anything wrong with that), I am sometimes obsessed with realism.









PREBIZTORICALS: Since I’ve been talking a bit lately about the art of cartooning, I thought this old favorite of mine from 2002 might be appropriate. This was SO much fun to draw as I had to imagine what the skeletons of various cartoon characters look like. I’ve seen this done since but I think I might have been the first. I hope so. I’d never seen it before when I did it, so my conscience is clear, at least. The one thing I’m not happy with here is the lighting; I think it is too harsh. If I ever print this one in a book, I might redo it.

Particularly loyal and observant Jazz Pickles will recognize me and my ex-wife, formerly known on this blog as CHNW. She’s not back for good, this is a temporary and incidental appearance, by the way.Bizarro 05-05-02 CartoonAnthropology





28 thoughts on “Grim Twitter Smart Selfie Skeletons

  1. Crazzy cool……..All

    Thanks for Ur refreshing insight and for making living on this planet more tolerable than it probably deserves to be at any given moment

  2. “unlike most cartoonists (not that there is anything wrong with that), I am sometimes obsessed with realism.”

    I’ve always been a fan of fringe characters :) (being one myself)

  3. First time posting here. I love your work. LOVE LOVE LOVE. For years. Thanks for the laughter and ideas.

    The comic character skeleton thing appeared in MAD magazine when I was a kid.

    A MAD Guide to The Anatomy Of The Human Body Based On The Comics (MAD #236, January 1983, Artist: Jack Rickard, Writer: Frank Jabobs, Idea By: Sergio Aragones)

    • Thanks a lot for chiming in, Dan. I, too, am a follower of BOB, by the way. (Only those of us who know the True Way will even understand that comment.)

      Regarding the MAD magazine issue you speak of, I’ve not seen it but it does not surprise me at all. I knew that my being the first to do cartoon anatomy had to be too good to be true. The MAD artists and writers of the mid-20th century were just way too fucking brilliant to leave any good idea unmolested! I’m very proud and honored to say that I’ve had the opportunity (only because of my career) to meet and befriend several of the old-school MAD guys. Sergio Aragones is someone I see once or twice a year at various cartoonist get-togethers and is one of the best, biggest-hearted people I’ve ever met. What a sweetheart! (And comic genius!) Al Jaffee is also a friend of mine and I used to see him once a month when I lived in NYC at a cartoonist happy hour we organized there. Another AMAZING guy!

  4. Thank goodness you finally caught up. I was getting anxious waiting to see the deep and critical analysis of each work of art.

    These are – of course – all great, though my favorite is the one about the grim state of the Jolly Rancher Reaper.

  5. On my meanderings on the internet I have seen one you have done that is similar to this. It’s titled “Museum of Cartoon Anthropology”. In that one there was Popeye, Felix the Cat, Fred Flintstone, Mickey Mouse, and (my favorite because you can’t see him) Casper the Friendly Ghost. Underneath it are the words “To Tom – Best Wishes, Dan Piraro”. I have no idea when it was done, I’m thinking it predates this one from 2002, because it’s not in color.

    • That’s the same cartoon but sounds like an image of the original art, which would be in black and white. The color on my cartoons is added by computer. I’ve only ever done this image once.

  6. The artwork on the Selfie is amazing, Dan. You got the little metacarpal bones, the faint ghosting shadow of the ears, and even included the little air bubble in the stomach. Such attention to detail!

    And you’re right: I did get a kick out of the Jolly Reaper. For some reason, the deadpan nature of it reminds me of your “Goat Check” cartoon, of Nov. 9, 2010, which I loved.

    • Coming from an actual physician, Cliff, that is a great compliment. Thanks! And thanks to Google Images for providing so much amazing reference on any topic in the world at my fingertips. :o)

  7. Oooh! Love the “Selfie!” However, I immediately thought about an x-ray selfie of a butt– kind of like the old sitting-on-the-copier thing for big time radiologists.

    Hope things are looking up for you this week, Mr. P.

    Best Wishes,


    • Feeling much better, my friend. Thanks. Your comment reminded me of a funny story about an X-ray which I will relate in my next blog post. Thanks!

  8. Totally awesome cartooning as always; Sir Bizarro! I enjoy Puns and have scribbled a few sketches of ideas in the past, but never presented them to the public.

  9. The radiologist made me laugh, in a past career I did tech support for products that put X-ray and other medical images onto computer screens until my job was outsourced to the land of sacred cows and call centers. We had a medical school as a client, one week I was tasked with going through thousands of unlabeled x-ray files to see if they were associated with patients or not. I came across an image of a skull, with a backbone and hips in close proximity. After a bit of review, my co-workers and I were able to determine it was two students in the act of fellatio captured with the x-ray camera. Like you stated, you can see the outline of some of “naughty bits” as well as the bone structure. At first we were impressed with the creativity of the image, however after some thought, we realized a third person needed to be in the control room to capture the image. If I ever decide to be a rad tech, I know which school I want to attend.

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  11. Hello m’dear: i stop by every day, and share many of your cartoons; what i don’t do, however, is tell you how much your intelligent humor enlightens as well as puts a smile on my face…i sometimes make weird noises; i also might mention that i am a pain-in-the-ass nitpicker, so you will forgive my asking: shouldn’t it be “Museum of Cartoon Paleontology”..? :D

  12. That double Smart Car idea was done on BBC Top Gear many years ago. They made a real version and actually drove it. (Didn’t work out the way they planned…)

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