bz panel 10-08-13bz strip 10-08-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Head Triptych.

This delightful image of a shortsighted sports enthusiast comes to us from the disheveled mind of my friend and colleague, Dan McConnell. Dan tells me he conceived of Super Head Ball Extreme from his own experience. Apparently, he regularly makes a sport of finding new ways to knock himself unconscious. And believe me, the world is a safer place when Dan McC is inanimate. You can see more of Dan’s art here.









PICKLED JAZZ:  Lurching back in time to 1989, I present to you this cartoon that was recently requested by a Jazz Pickle. I told him I couldn’t find it in my archives because it was too old so he sent me this nifty twenty-four-year-old newspaper clipping. It looks so…historical. bizarro-elevatorWhen I first drew this I remember thinking how fun it would be to set this gag up in an office building and tape it with a hidden camera.


33 thoughts on “Score!

  1. If we’re taking requests, could you please re-publish the cartoon from 7-14-1997 – the guy standing on a corner in his bathrobe, holding a “Will Work for Coffee” sign? It looks like me and I really love coffee. I like the cartoon so much, I copied it and hand-colored it; it’s still hanging up on our refrigerator. Thanks for all the laughs; love your work (he said obsequiously).

  2. You take requests? Why am I only finding out about this now? Is a contribution required? May we all see the traffic cop on his knees praying to the traffic light?

  3. I like Score better in the smaller version. It loses something when the dog is removed (besides the obvious loss of the dog).

  4. I guess we all start to become that color after so many years.

    Except you, of course.

    (Though you haven’t been to the museum since your birthday.)

  5. This one reminds me of an oldie that took place at a carnival. The caption was “Knock Yourself Out Win A Prize” and there were all these conked out guys with little toys on their chests. I still laugh thinking about that one!

  6. P.s. May I use it on my website and FB and also that of BayWood Artists, who produce art shows to benefit the environment? We sell our paintings, not your images, it’s just to make a point. A while back you let me use the one of the emergence of man, which is perfect.

  7. Thank you for the reposting of My Pickled Jazz; was pleasantly shocked you didn’t reduce it from my “as big as my scanner can get it” size.

    When I clipped it, I was working on the 7th floor of an 11-story building and you got to believe I considered doing it myself, but I didn’t own a wetsuit or scuba apparatus and my swimwear and snorkel would have gotten me kicked out of the building for sure.

    • LOL. Craig – Your swimwear and snorkel would have gotten you kicked out of the building, but a wetsuit and scuba tank wouldn’t have? That cracks me up. Your people have standards. :) I love that cartoon and had not seen it before. The first thing I thought of when I saw it was the flood in NYC last year in October. I don’t think anyone in the NY Metropolitan area saw that coming.

  8. Oh my…I am seriously having flashbacks regarding those wigs.. That “safe and soft” plastic had sharp edges. Thank you for bringing back traumatic childhood memories..

  9. Hi Dan. I’m curious.. nobody else will be interested in this… just wondering what happened ‘between’ Chronicle and KFS.. did you leave them, or vice versa? If you’d prefer not to share it.. I get that.

    I was with KFS out of the gate and always wondered if going with another syndicate would have made a difference.

    Great stuff, as usual… I know what you mean about trying to find old material in the ‘archive’.. aka: the re-purposed photocopy paper box full of originals living in the bottom of the closet downstairs… do you sell any originals, or are you waiting to croak first to boost their value?… lol

    I’d kill for a signed piece of art to add to my growing list of other notables. I’ve already hit up Mort, Gary and Jeannie (Charles M.) for stuff and they’ve come through in spades… hey, no pressure:)

    Thanks Dan.. even a nasty reply is better than none at all… I know you’re busy.. we all are.

    If you think of it next July sometime.. there’s no expiry date on my request.



    • I was with Chronicle Features for ten years but they were a very small company with limited personnel. I decided after ten years that I would get farther with another syndicate so I put myself up for sale. I signed with Universal Press Syndicate and was happy with the people there but after their initial push, I wasn’t gaining many new clients and had the distinct impression I was on the “B” team bench behind “Close to Home,” which I think is one of the worst cartoons ever published. So after my initial five-year contract with Universal, I jumped to King Features. I’ve been very happy there, as they continue to grow my client list after all these years and through some very tough financial times for newspapers.

      Regarding my original art, I do sell it. My weekday cartoons currently cost $450 and my Sunday cartoons cost $600. I don’t sell tons of them, but a few here and there. Thanks for your interest, Eric!

  10. Did you live in Iowa City for a time? Say, around 1989? If yes I have question about piece of artwork. Just curious. Ppeyton

  11. not sure I really see the point of this strip, dan…where’s the gag?…just violence…help me understand what this is about…thx…(see how high my expectations are?)

    • The joke is the simple fact that someone would be stupid enough to play a game in which you catch a bowling ball in a basket on your head. Nothing more.

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