Tearful Reunions


bz panel 10-17-13bz strip 10-17-13Today’s Bizarro is brought to you by Unpleasant Surprises of the Afterlife.

We humans like to think of glorious, emotional reunions with deceased loved ones after we die but what of all the other things you lost during life? Here’s my interpretation of what that might be like.

While drawing this cartoon, I remembered a terrific cartoon by one of the single-panel masters of all time, Sam Gross. See it here.  It was my unworthy pleasure to get to know Sam a bit when I lived in NYC. He’s an endlessly fascinating guy with a NY accent fit for an informer on a cop show from the 70s. Such a brilliant mind.




bz 07-21-01 inner beauty





REBIZARRO: Today’s visit through the archival dungeons of Bizarro International Headquarters was requested by a Jazz Pickle who shall remain nameless. (Because I can’t remember her name.) I still like it after all these years, which I can’t say about all of my cartoons. Artists of all kinds are frequently more critical of their own work than their followers and I hope that’s the case with you Jazz Pickles. :o)





20 thoughts on “Tearful Reunions

  1. While I really love both these strips, I have to point out a mistake- unless it was intentional. Buddha was never really obese. You may have got him confused with Laughing Buddha which is a showpiece and is obese. But if you meant it to be that, then forgive me!

  2. I’m going to post this test message both here, at the Blog, and on the linked version shared or whatever onto my time line. Last test message to arrive is a rotten egg!

  3. Your ‘International Headquarters’ looks just like my livingroom. (My wife asked me to ask your readers if any of youse have a headgasket for a ’78 SR500 Yamaha? This motor has been sitting on the coffee table for 8 months now………..)

  4. Not sure if Inner Beauty Contest is to be taken as “this is one what would look like” or “these people still have no chance of winning”. After all, your first two are a man who fought against race discrimination only against his own race and not native blacks, and a woman who forced those in her clutches to suffer for her imaginary friend without even the cheapest pain medication.

  5. Love it!

    That’s Laughing Buddha (Hotei in Japanese/Pu-Tai in Chinese), you know, not the one who founded Buddhism (Gautama Buddha). Either way, both have ‘inner beauty’, so eh. :)

  6. Great comics today.

    I still remember when I saw your first comic. It involved a mountain climber asking for the meaning of life. The wise man at the top, who he was asking to, said, “Have you tried googling it?”

    Keep up the good work, Mr. Piraro.

  7. Lol at both this cartoon and Sam Gross’s. Having recently had some surgeries, this really hit home. Given the decrepit state those parts were in when they were taken out, I’m not sure if I would really want them back though…

    Maybe heaven does factory refurbishing.

  8. Are you familiar with the Austin Lounge Lizards? The Reunion Center cartoon reminds me of two of their songs: the really relevant one is “On The Other Shore” which mentions ‘sacks and sacks of earring backs lost under someone’s bed, ‘pairs and pairs of jeans we can’t fit into any more’,and ‘our children’s art will cover God’s refrigerator door; we’ll meet all our possessions on the other shore.’

    The less relevant one is called “Can I Have All Your Stuff When You’re Dead?” about a man dying in the hospital and his brother who appears to want everything the dying man owns. (‘Can I a few of your records? Just Nirvana, the Stones and…The Dead.”

    Great songs. If I could carry a tune in a bucket, I’d know them by heart.

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