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bz panel 11-06-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Funeral Fun!

The Invisible Man’s selfie is a zen joke. So little there, but so many philosophical interpretations. Does one truly exist if one is invisible? Was the Invisible Man naked when he took this or is it a closeup of just his face? What would God’s selfie look like? Would a smart phone be able to compensate for the blinding light of His omnipotence so you could actually make out the long, white beard and the vengeful, jealous look in his eyes? (Nahum 1:2-8)  Now that I think of it, is the Invisible Man’s selfie in the same category as Anthony Weiner’s selfies? If so, I clandestinely managed to get porn into newspapers all over the world. (I’ve not posted the strip version of this because, guess what, it’s no different.)bz panel 11-07-13



bz strip 11-07-13If you don’t get this hilarious graphic, it is likely because you’ve not hear of “restless leg syndrome,” which is a real thing and I know this because I have it and hate it. Nobody knows exactly what causes it and the various treatments our friends in the pharmaceutical industry have concocted don’t work all that well. (But still cost a lot.) If you suffer from this, here’s the cure: marijuana. Smoke it or consume pot edibles and it completely eliminates the symptoms so you can get a good night’s sleep. I’m sorry if you live in an archaic part of the world where this completely natural and healthy medicinal herb is not legal. My advice is to move to another state or country, leave the troglodytes behind, and join the 21st century.




PAZZ JICKLES: On the topic of doctors, this senior Bizarro from 2009 is one of my personal favorites. I used to play “doctor” with the little girl next door when I was about 3 or 4 years old. I had no idea what we were doing and I’m sure she didn’t either, but we used to go behind some bushes in her backyard and show each other our plumbing. There was no touching, just a lot of giggling. Sometimes I wish adult romantic relationships were that simple and innocent.

bz 09-18-09 CivilWar











Lastly, as per my agreement with the Movember people, here’s another pic of my mustache. This is a view almost NO ONE ever sees, the monster ‘stache before waxing it into its public form; the glory of it’s supreme Dali-ness. DualMustacheWEB



31 thoughts on “Visible Humor

  1. I really like your comics, even if there are some i dont get without you explanations… for example, i’ve never heard of movember :-) before i checked your webpage.

    • Excellent question, Lou, and one that I will have to pass on to the guys in the Bizarro technical department up on the seventh floor of Bizarro International Headquarters.

  2. Restless leg sucks, plain and simple. Weird as it seems, it is true that it can be treated by leaving a bar of soap in bed with you. Tuck it between the mattress and bottom sheet, or just let it roam willy nilly hither and yon through the bedding. Bar of Soap treatment is not at all a reason to stop using cannabis, just an alternative for when another method is necessary. You’re welcome. xo

  3. We’d be happy as hell for you to join us in Colorado, specifically Pueblo County where they have approved recreational MJ shops. I’m 63,,,, back when I wanted to smoke it, I couldn’t,, now I don’t care to and it’s everywhere


  4. re: restless leg: back before it was banned, I found quinine to work great. Yes, pot works well, but I can’t afford it right now. Currently (and I readily admit it could be psychosomatic), I drink a couple of glasses of tonic water with grape juice before bed; the amount of quinine in tonic water is said to be well below clinical levels, but it seems to be working (though I do have to pee an hour or so after first falling asleep;-).

    And where the heck did you find the pic of the kayaking corpse?!

  5. I like the restless pants comic — classic Bizarro, in which we read the caption, don’t quite get it, glance at the visual, then it clicks. Great fun.

  6. Was that Dali at the deli?

    No, Denny.

    Dali was at Denny’s?

    No, Denny was at the deli.

    Whoa, this conversation is surreal!

  7. I was a bit taken aback by the pantslessness and disheveled ‘stash in the Invisible Man’s selfie*… but then I read on and it all made sense.

    *(I don’t know why anyone calls him Invisible – I can see him just fine)

    • I am reminded of a cartoon I did a few years ago: a guy on a shrink’s couch says, “I’ve been seeing this amazing woman lately, doctor. Problem is, nobody else can see her.” Badaboom!

  8. Hmmmm… will have to get my wife to give it a try. Love the Civil War Dr. toon. Great to see a young kid that gets history:-)

  9. Speaking of restless leg syndrome… if you were a pirate/amputee who suffered from this, would you call your condition restless peg syndrome?

    Just askin’…

  10. Hey, Dan. I’ve got nothing against what marijuana may or not cure, but I suggest that you can’t say for sure, based on clinical results (admittedly that I’m not cutting-edge aware of), that your RLS improvement is definitively related to MJ. Just sayin’. You smoke cannabis…things get better; but *post hoc, ergo propter hoc* is a logical fallacy…for whatever THAT’S worth (i.e., the mind endorses both causation by priority, and then negates it via the rules of logic – which are equally a construct of mind). Still, consider: we can’t get outside of the purview of consciousness: our meat-and-potatoes endless repast of experience and memory. Yet there’s less…and more than meets the eye. Think about it…but, well, maybe not; you’ve got enough to think about already, as do I!

    Okay, apologies; enuff wordgerdemaine puffery…it’s been fun and a fit end to this evening’s multiple glass wine-wizardry. Cheers and thanks for the always-welcome and wonderful Bizarrography.

    • I know what you’re saying and agree. But I’ve tried all kinds of things, including meditation, to relieve the symptoms and failed. Then, about a year ago, I suddenly realized that on the rare occasion when I smoked pot for grins, I didn’t get the restless leg. So I started doing it every night before bed and voila! No more restless leg. It still crops up EVERY time I don’t take it, then I take it and it goes away. Whatever the “real” reason, I’m happy with the results! :^}

      • Good point. Hard to argue with your experience. I’ve got a friend who does the same thing to alleviate his neuropathy symptoms of diabetes (feet and legs).

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