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bz panel 11-11-13bz panel 11-12-13 Bizarro is brought to you today by The Key to Your Future.

Things are heating up here at Bizarro International Headquarters. Not because I’m working on a January launch for my new podcast, not because a feature-length animated film of Bizarro is being produced by Steven Spielberg (no such film exists) but because I’m warming some bean dip on the stove. I’m feeling snacky.

In reference to my the first cartoon in this post, I went for my semicentennial physical today and the doctor said I’m not dying of anything just yet, so that’s good news. (For me. Some people may feel differently.) I expect that to change in the next several decades, however. I see him again in another fifty years so I’ll update you then.

My second cartoon today is a little esoteric and comes to us courtesy of the gooey skull fillings of my known associate, Wayno of Pittsburgh. For the graphically challenged, the man at left is a famous character created by the iconic Robert Crumb (or “Bobby Morsel,” as his closest friends call him). The character at right is title character in the long-lasting and controversial comic strip, “Nancy.” I haven’t looked yet, but I’d bet my left gall bladder that Wayno has some dandy and clever things to say about our latest collaboration. You can point your own gooey skull filling at his comments here.

More fanatical Jazz Pickles will notice, and perhaps object, to the missing strip versions of these two cartoons. I just decided they’re not interesting or different enough to bother posting, so there.

bz 06-15-98 family circus


Jazz Pickle Jar: What is interesting enough to post, however, is this old Bizarro from the Iron Age. In keeping with our famous-cartoon-lampooning theme, here is one of the half-dozen-or-so Family Circus knockoffs I’ve done. I pray it amuses you.



46 thoughts on “Theft Humor

  1. I like how very close to R. Crumb’s work your Keep on Truckin’ guy is.

    But there’s fewer fasteners on the sole than there should be. Shame.

  2. I’ll bet not many are aware the Robert Crumb is a pretty darn good musician as well (if you like the old-timey stuff to which you can tap your foot, and then hum the melody after it’s done). I have six of his albums, and I like each one of them. Most are with his group, “The Cheap Suit Serenaders,” but the one with the best cover is “Cocktail D’Amour” by “Les Primitifs du Futur.” All great stuff, if you ask me.

    • There has been a debate among cartoonists raging for decades over whether Nancy was the best or worst comic strip ever. We may never know.

  3. You really went out on a limb with the Trucking Guy Meets Nancy cartoon, since, if you eliminate everyone too young to remember either character (yes, Nancy is still kicking around the papers, but even regular Bizarro readers under 62 zone her out) and take into consideration the almost totally non-overlapping audiences, that leaves about 7 people who will get the gag. Now you and Wayno are two, I’m number three, and I’d love to meet the other 4. (That said, the current Nancy storyline – yes, there’s a storyline – features the return of Oona Goosepimple who was last in the 1960s; it started out a pre-Halloween scary story that lasted past that date and is now getting not just spooky but psychedelic… maybe R. Crumb is now consulting there.) (It must also be noted that in some of his self-portraiture, R. Crumb does resemble you, Mr. Bizarro, but without the hat and awesome mustache. Which reminds me, I spotted the little brother of your awesome stache on Tumblr yesterday. Okay, I’ll let myself out now.)

  4. Hey, I remember that Robert Crumb character … somewhere as a punky teen I had a t-shirt with that character on it that read Keep On Truckin’. I love it.

  5. Thank you, Sir, for some laughs. I have a foster dog who, even at ten months old, continues to astonish me by pooping and peeing wherever she is, even after having just gone out for a wee with the house dogs or even after a zesty romp in the yard. I NEEDED something funny and YOU provided it. Again, thanks. I hope that the bean dip was all that you were wishing it to be.

    • Thanks. It was fun to be part of it! My dad’s been doing the Daily Jumble for decades so I thought he might get a kick out of seeing me in there.

    • Because some say it is brilliant, others say it’s crap. In the cartoon world, people have been debating for decades whether it is the best or worst cartoon strip ever. I love it BECAUSE it is awful, so I’m not sure which side of that fence I’m on.

  6. I love the wittyness of family circus too! Yeah those kids DO leave lotsa black dots everywhere they go, don’t they? I like Bil Keine’s cartoon relating to his real-life kids and his family! You have added that very special touch as always when you present this and all other cartoons! Keep up the good work! You’re top banana as far as I’m concerned!

  7. An homage to R. Crumb and Ernie Bushmiller!

    And on my one-in-a-lifetime birthday, 11/12/13!

    I am blessed!

    Many thanks to Dan, The Cartoon Man!

  8. Incidentally, according to imdb, famous people born on my birthday, November 12th, include: Ryan Gosling, Anne Hathaway, Cote de Pablo, Radha Mitchell, Megan Mullally, Grace Kelly, David Morse, Wallace Shawn, Tonya Harding, Booker T. Jones and Charles Manson.

    Just so you know!

  9. Initially, I misread your “semicentennial” as “semiannual”, which got me thinking about the popular misunderstanding: semiannual means the same as biannual or twice a year, whereas biennial means every two years. I also find it odd that we sometimes use latin prefixes for numbers and sometimes use greek: un/mon, bi/duo, quad/tetra, quint/penta, sex/hex, non/en. I’m sure there are many others.

    • I agree. English is a particularly “mutt” language. It has so many roots it must seem like a confusing mess to non-toddlers trying to learn it.

  10. All those dotted lines in Family Circus, eh? What about all those “Not Me” mishaps? They must spend a small fortune replacing all those homely breakables. I wasn’t smart enough as a child to blame “Not Me,” but it has come in handy a few times as an adult.

    And how do they keep their carpets so clean from spills caused by “Not Me?” Is there some magic that we have yet to experience in our reality of motion?

  11. Thanks for the cartoon-y mash-up!

    In college I cut out a Nancy strip from the paper that was particularly un-funny, and edited it slightly to make it “R-rated.” (In my version an angry Nancy called her aunt a rude epithet beginning with a “B.”) I took my version and displayed it in the dorm, and was disappointed that my parody was misinterpreted. The audience didn’t see it as an edited strip but thought Bushmiller had drawn the original strip rudely, and that it had run in our daily newspaper that way.

    I suppose I should have made her address Fritz the Cat rather than Aunt Fritzie… but sadly my artistry has never been THAT good.

  12. The best Ernie Bushmiller cartoon I saw was not about Nancy. It showed a man on the sofa reading his paper while his dog urinated on it. The guy took his dog outside and urinated on a tree to show the dog where it was to be done. In the next frame, the guy returns to his sofa with his dog standing on his hind legs and having another pee on the sofa. The dog learned something, I guess.

    By the way, Bizarro is my all time favorite newspaper cartoon. Always read it first. Thanks, Dan.

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