Jumble Fever


bz panel 11-13-13Bizarro is brought to you today by An Early Appearance by the Bizarro Alien.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I did a guest spot in the famous, syndicated puzzle “Daily Jumble.” How fun is that? (On a scale of 1-10, probably only a 4, but still, it’s a great honor!) I’ve never been what you’d call “smart” enough to get hooked on Daily Jumble, but my dad has played it since I was a kid. So I thought it might be a nice surprise for him to see my name in there yesterday. As it turns out, his local paper doesn’t carry it anymore. Yes, it is sad, but on a tragedy scale of 1-10, probably only a 1.5. Daily Jumble FinalDry those tears, Jazz Pickles. Let’s try to keep it in perspective.

Here’s a pic of what it looked like in the newsaper. Here’s a link to it online if you want to try to solve it.













DEJA VIEW: Along the theme of the Daily Jumble gag, here’s another dog from 2001 that wants to go out. This one has a lot of secret symbols (7), one of which is a clever little appearance by the Bizarro Bunny that I’m still kind of proud of.Bz 01-21-01 dog go out WEB


47 thoughts on “Jumble Fever

  1. Just wanted to take this time to say, I’m thrilled that I don’t have to wait until Sunday Comics to enjoy your humor. I own a T-Shirt with your “Muppets Skinny Dipping” concept on it and I’m a HUGE fan – thank you, thank you for all the laughs !

  2. Two of your best dog gags! And the déjà vu one with the bunny as the TV announcer’s shadow is even lushly drawn and colored! I hope you returned all those props to your parents, though! If so, would your mom and dad sell that black lamp to me?

  3. I’m not seeing the bunny. But I love the TV reflection/shadow on the floor! Gonna have to get the other paper now, for jumble…and Bizarro too.

  4. Clockwise from right:

    1. Flying Saucer of Probability

    2. Crown of Power

    3. K2

    4. Inverted Bird

    5. Fish of Humility

    6. Bunny of Exuberance

    7. Lost Loafer

    8. Pie of Opportunity

    Do I get a prize?

  5. That is a clever and well drawn bunny reflection. As for the dog in the dress wanting to go out, you have to be one of the funniest people to have ever walked the earth.

  6. Love the desert island joke even though it has already been done in The New Yorker. No plagiarism suggested or implied – I see it as proof that great minds do indeed think alike and independently.

  7. Not quite sure if it’s ok to blurt out the answer or should I let people figure it out themselves…? I feel that if they go to the comments before attempting it, they’re looking for a cheat sheet anyway.

  8. I do the daily jumble (does that indicate my age?) and I was tickled to see you there. Earlier this week it was Garfield. Your bizarro bunny reminds of the movie Poltergeist, not that they had a floor reflection, but that it is eerie in and of itself.

  9. Your work in the Deja View cartoon is outstanding. You could’ve called it a day with the very funny gag of the dog all dressed to go out, but you added tons more: the TV announcer drawn at the perfect angle, the Bizarro Bunny you’re justifiably proud of, the awesome light and shadows that the (richly drawn) lamps cast on the walls, the double gag of the “Whatsa Matta’ You?” heading in The Daily Stench, and so on. Hats off to you, sir!

  10. Why on Earth did you ever decide to put so much detail, thought, and effort into every comic ? Every one must take hours to draw, Why don’t you sleep ?

  11. Love your comics as always! At the foot of the ottoman (foot. ottoman. get it?) there is what appears to be a chicken foot. Does it mean anything? A new secret symbol perhaps?

      • Nine in all now. Eight from Spartacus’ comment above and the Arrow of Vulnerability.

        I’m just awestruck looking at the TV reporter drawn in perfect angle in less than half an inch of actual space. I love the way Lou thinks, too. Museum material cartoon.

  12. This is some mighty fine artwork, if I may say so myself!

    Working in the septic business, I see a lot of poo and this isn’t that. IMHO.

    In fact, I’m LOLing while imagining seeing an enlarged version of this panel hanging in a conventional art museum and with the caption balloon removed and the caption on a title card.

    The concept works especially well if hidden cameras record reactions of museum goers!

    Look at the panel again within this scenario and tell me if you laugh!

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