Dusty Dashing


Bizarro 11-17-13 WEBbizarro header 11-17-13(Make it as big as a real stadium by clicking on the microphone!)

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Who among us (with an I.Q. in triple digits) has not wondered how mummies continue to catch their victims while being as comically speed-challenged as they are? I certainly have and so that’s why this brilliant idea by my good buddy and colleague, Dan McConnell, tickles me so much. He doesn’t explain the science behind it, but he has found a funny way to extend the motif.


BIZARROVERS: From the distant past comes this previous mummy cartoon from Bizarro. I can never be sure if I’ve counted right, but I think it has 10 secret symbols. A couple of them are repeated. Click the pic for a larger view, of course. If I may be immodest for a moment, I’d like to say I’m particularly happy with the way my coloring turned out on this one.Bizarro 07-22-07 PezMummyWEB



18 thoughts on “Dusty Dashing

  1. I’ve also wondered about ghosts. According to stories, we can’t touch ghosts, we can see through them, etc.

    So how can they harm us? What are they going to do, stare us to death?

  2. I first saw the cuff link on the announcer’s sleeve and thought I should be looking for 8 symbols. Imagine my disappointment on only finding 4. It’s awesome how you did the glare on the glass of the booth.

  3. I’m not sure whether I’m more wowed by your tasteful, triple-visioned choice of eye wear; or of the fantastic color and fun detail in the ancient Egyptian Pez dispenser!? Great stuff.

    Your loyal, humble Jazz Pickle

  4. Mummies- and zombies in general- are ambush predators, waiting motionless for prey to come within striking distance. They aren’t pursuit predators as such, as their prey is easily able to outdistance them in the short term. However if they begin a pursuit, their ability to continue without tiring means that they will be able to run down an unfit human, who will be increasingly forced to pause to catch their breath and rest.

    And ghosts are dangerous because their ectoplasm will interfere with our own in the event of interpenetration, causing electrical interference to our autonomous system, and thereby killing us.

    At least, in my roleplay system…

    And seriously, the PEZ container is fantastic.

    • All interesting information, Grant, but are you sure you’re using your free time well? Are you getting enough fresh air, sunshine, and exercise? :^}

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