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bz panel 11-23-13bz strip 11-23-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Is That A Good Thing?

A very quirky friend of mine who always has a few new oddball puns for me when we get together suggested this scenario. I thought it would make a good picture so I drew it up. Thanks, Edwin! My one fear, however, is that this cartoon would be a little difficult to decipher in the tiny, black-and-white format that most newspapers use. It’ll be interesting to see how many questions I get about it.

Edwin also suggested what the wedding night might look like but I can’t share that here because I’m trying to keep this blog family friendly. (Oops. Too late.)

By the way, for those of you not in North America who may be unfamiliar with this character, it’s the Jolly Green Giant‘s wedding. I see now that I neglected to include his giant, green slippers. Damn!

I’ve been hanging onto this idea for a few months because I really hate drawing big church scenes. The background and crowd is tedious to draw while not being large enough to offer any kind of interesting characters or details. It’s just busy work. See how lazy I am?

PREHISTARROS: As your brain may have already noticed, this cartoon from 1996 has nothing to do with the Jolly Green Giant. I came across it in my archives and thought it was fun so I figured I’d toss it in today. The character, Lee, was a friend of mine who passed away unexpectedly a few years back. We miss him. The squirrel is 09-02-96 Squirrel



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    • As did I (think they were ornate columns with faux leaves – probably a Florida or California locale). I have a very nice sized monitor but then I complicated things by adjusting the images and print to fill the space (a 32 inch wide screen TV). The result is the top of the image scrolled out of sight, I only saw the bottoms of the leaves and green ‘columns’. On the other hand, I can read without reading glasses when I use this monitor.

  1. You just need someone playing a blonde haired, absinthe drinking harp. Because as you know “absinthe makes the harp grow blonde hair.”

  2. Dan Piraro Bizarro Comics,

    The Prehistarros with Lee is something I can understand….after the brain injury encephalitis. Many days are missing, but recovering each day. Yes, I had to relearn to speak also. Your link made me smile :-) The squirrel may be fictional…but made perfect sense to me. Take care and have a great day!

    • How great for YOU, Charles! Keep smiling and get a regular dose of Piraro for maintenance.

      (But know, without a doubt, that the squirrel is fictional only if you want it to be.)

  3. I used to use the following joke as part of my banter in a band I was in back in the ’90s: Did you hear the sad news about the Jolly Green Giant? He ran out of peas and carrots so they canned his ass!

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  5. I first thought the cartoon referred to a lesbian wedding because I didn’t see the General Mills mascot; I guess I couldn’t see the forest for the GMO representative.

    However, I couldn’t figure out what newly-married lesbians have to do with legumes.

    Then I remembered the highly popular new age bumper sticker from the ’90’s: Visualize Whirled Peas.

    I’m still not sure what this has to do with lesbian weddings, but surely one of them cooks, yes? Or maybe prays that a higher power will help warring humans stop the violins…

  6. I clipped a strip of yours from the newspaper (back when I bought the paper) of two animals talking to a fella on a park bench (it kinda looks like you). The pigeon tells the guy “don’t trust the talking squirrel,” to which the squirrel argues “she’s lying. Squirrels can’t talk.” Any more park bench scenes to amuse us?

  7. Oh Dan, you made my heart skip a beat when I saw that cartoon of Lee. I still have the original hanging in my house. Thank you dear friend.


  8. “Edwin also suggested what the wedding night might look like”

    I suspect the word ‘niblets’ was involved, because it’s hard to make a dirty joke about the Green Giant without it.

    And that eye in the crowd… BirdsEye, maybe?

  9. Unsolicited Advice Alert!!!

    When you have a large scene with a busy background, create the main bit seperate from the background part.

    Put the parts together in a photo editor and you have the background available if you ever need it again.

  10. Every Christmas as a little girl, I sang–confused but serious–“sleep in heavenly peas,” picturing myself lying in a huge dish of English peas. I felt bad sometimes for thinking English peas were not heavenly at all.

  11. Yeah , thought it was two ladies getting married. So I focused on the bouquets. They must be sweet peas, I thought to myself. Then I read the comments

  12. This joke reminded me of the response I like to give when a church member greets me with, “The peace of the Lord be with you.”, to which I reply, “And carrots with you”. ;) It would be a better pun to say, “And salsa (also) with you”, but carrots make the joke easier to get.

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