bz panel 11-28-13bz strip 11-28-13No time for nonsense, it’s a holiday!


The cartoon below is from New Yorker’s Matt Diffee. He and I are buddies so I can’t believe the similarity between the character in his cartoon and me is coincidental, especially given the theme of the gag. LOVE it.


Have a good one, Jazz Pickles.1476395_680032468688701_1630794739_n-1








4 thoughts on “SpanksGiving

  1. mmmmm, genetic modification just like mom to to make. Matt Diffee’s strip is great, laugh out loud but vegan anything keeps my family away or is it my bad cooking? By the way saw you on the Doc “Dear Mr Watterson” and got some great inside to some of my fav strips and artist. Keep up the great work…

  2. Hmmm… the woman standing next to pseudo-you in the Diffee cartoon is awfully similar to the woman in the previous post’s cartoon, at the bar. Coincidence? Or conspiracy?

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