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bz panel 12-05-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Future Shoe Technology.

I’ve been very lackadaisical (notice that this word’s spelling does not support the pronunciation LAX-adaisical) lately and I think it is the weather. It’s been cold, dark, and dreary here in SoCal this week. Of course, by local standards, that means highs in the mid 60s, lows in the low 50s (Fahrenheit) and slightly overcast. It is truly amazing how quickly one becomes spoiled by beautiful weather. I’ve been here two years and within three months, I became a complete Southern California Sissy. Anything less than 70 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny and I go into hibernation mode and deduct a little from my state taxes. I’m not paying California taxes to NOT have great weather.

On to today’s cartoon, are you familiar with these 3D printers? They are the latest form of actual magic from the  world of technology. Considering the feats of amazingness that those technology people keep coming up with, it is a wonder there isn’t a huge worldwide religion based on it. (Just as an FYI to my Jazz Pickles, this is not one, in spite of the name.)

Bz 12-27-04 BuckRogersWEBBIZARROLD: This little snobbler from 2004 seems like an appropriate choice for this post about modern technology. This one deals with one way in which “those technology people” have failed us, however. Just when I’m ready to start a religion, they let me down.


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  1. 3D printers are amazing. I want to talk my university into purchasing one of the cheap DIY 3D printer kits (<$1000), but I need a better reason than "because it is awesome." The applications of this technology are so varied from printing functional organs/tissues, prosthetic hands, guns and ammunition (seriously, google it), to toys/gadgets (bobbleheads, cell phone cases). I'm at a small liberal arts institution, so organs/tissues and guns are off the table. Guess I'll just have to focus on toys and gadgets.

    And in regards to your comment about twins being clones… that is only the case in identical twins, not fraternal twins.

    • OK, Lance, answer me this. Are identical twins mirror images? Is one right-handed, the other left-handed for example? Or does it depend on when the zygote split? Now, in the case of identical triplets, I want to know about the mirror image thing with them, too. Obviously, only one can be opposite the other two, right? Are you confused yet?

  2. Re: Future Shoe Technology – the future is already here. Look up Vibram FiveFingers. Very much like the picture you posted. I’ve seen people wearing them. I’m interested, but they’re a bit pricey for my budget.

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  4. Posted yr 3d printer cartoon to the 3d printer folk on g+…

    …there is a 3d printer group meet first Sunday of every month (12-4) in Pasadena at (West Coast’s FIRST 3d printer store). If you have any interest you should drop in to looksee. The soft(a)ware contains the magic.

    Diego just got some 3d scanners a month or two ago and now they can do PEOPLE! Hawt!

    Let me know if you decide to come by. I sometimes skip and wouldn’t want to miss saying hello.


  5. The Green Giant cartoon got me thinking of a zany cartoon suggestion:

    Scene: Two males – a tourist and a tour guide at the Statue of Liberty, standing inside her giant robe between her feet and (bare) legs, and both are looking straight up .

    Pointing out the architecture, the tour guide asks “What do you think?”

    The tourist, enthralled with the view murmurs: “Riveting”

    OK probably too racy for a newspaper – but great for a sheet metal design trade magazine.

  6. Creeped out by twins?? I remember the first time I ever watched Jerry Springer. It was late one night & I’d just gotten home from my bartending gig. I turned on the tube in time to hear Springer say “…and next, Gay identical twins!!” Who could resist?? Suddenly, two women I’d gone to school with were there on my screen. People say “How did you know it was them?” Well, they were albinos, too. THAT was weird.

    • Wow! Back in the 80s, I was shocked to see a woman I’d known in Penthouse Magazine. Not as good of a story as yours, though.

      • The sister of the guy that owned the pinball machines at a pub I worked at in Seattle was a Penthouse pet. She seemed like a very nice, warm, and friendly girl…….

  7. It’s a charming -1° here in Cannon Falls MN. Do you remember the Zager and Evans hit in the year 2525 in which we will pick our children from the bottom of a long black tube? My post on this Comic yesterday engendered only puzzlement.

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