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bz panel 12-13-13bz strip 12-13-13bz panel 12-14-13bz strip 12-14-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Frozen Maxi Me.

It’s been a strange two days, Jazz Pickles. I’ve not been able to post anything on FB because I used a naughty word. If you’ve not read the story, see my previous post.

In addition to what I said yesterday regarding censorship, political correctness, and the power of Facebook, I’d like to say that Facebook has become, by its ubiquitous nature, a primary means for hundreds of millions of people to communicate for personal and business reasons. When FB shut me down, my blog readership plummeted because so many of my fans are used to finding out about it from my FB posts. This power that FB has is a new, gray area. I never thought about it before, but FB’s ability to damage the business and personal lives of their membership (estimated at over a billion) gives them a dangerous and unprecedented amount of power. I’m not sure what the answer is, but it’s a problem we should be thinking about.

On the topic of the cartoons in this post, the first one is the brainchild of my good friend, Cliff Harris the King of Wordplay. This joke isn’t about wordplay, but it’s goshdarn good, in my humble opinion.

The Santa cartoon is wordplay, and appeals to me because I find the Xmas commercial onslaught in the U.S. most unappealing. Just yesterday I went to a pet store to buy indestructible objects for my evil dog, Jemima, to destroy and was subjected to what seemed like at least 100 hours of “Let it Snow” on the store’s PA system. It’s stuck in my head now until probably March of next year. One year I was in Thailand for the month of December and found almost as much of it there. Maybe next year I’ll go to Jerusalem. Surely they don’t beat everyone over the head with Xmas carols and Santa Claus. Or do they?







PALEOZARRO: This seems like a good time to revisit some Bizarros from Xmas past. This one from 1999 also touches on the commercialization of Xmas. I’m not a religious person, so the “true meaning” of Xmas is not a concern of mine as much as is the visceral barrage of commercialism. You’d think you could escape it on a pirate ship, but apparently not. bz12-10-99


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  1. This whole thing has me seriously wondering if I want to continue to participate as a member of FB. I think it’s time to pick up Dave Eggers book “The Circle” to help me make the leap.

  2. The longest I could last on FB was about a week. My wicked sister was making snide comments at me and I wanted to dress her down in public. I also found myself too often wanting to make snide comments about religion. I restrained from both these things because I remembered my Internet savvy boss and the Christian cross he has behind his desk at work. It’s just too easy to say something directed at a specific few in a certain context but then the entire world can read and judge. Now FB has put themselves in the role of judge. If it’s any consolation, FB will undoubtedly lose favor someday, just like AOL or myspace.

  3. Well, at least “Let It Snow” is a WINTER-themed song with no specific mention of Christmas, either in the religious or Santa-secular nature. So, if you want to really annoy people by playing it around Groundhog Day (along with “Jingle Bells”, “Winter Wonderland”, “Frosty the Snowman” and/or the creeptastic “Baby It’s Cold Outside”) you can explain it to them that way. Not that I’ve ever done that…

  4. If you would like to bypass Facebook, is your blog capable of emailing your jazz pickles directly when there is a new blog posted?

  5. Re: FB censorship. I would like to know who “they” are who have appointed themselves as authorities on what is or is not “politically correct”. Right now ’tis the season of “Happy Holidays” vs. “Merry Christmas”. For fear of someone being offended by the word “Christmas” I must show tolerance and inclusiveness by saying “happy holiday” instead. The fact that I may be offended by the omission of the word “Christmas” is brushed aside as unworthy of consideration.

  6. This is the first time in about 5 years that we’re at home for christmas, and I must say that the overload is awful. Too many decorations, too much music, too much shopping, too many expectations! I want to return to a quiet warm christmas on a tropical beach next year.

  7. The true meaning of Christmas, as it was before the Church hi-jacked it, is drunkenness, gluttony and promiscuity; messages I am sure every sensible person can rejoice in regardless of creed (in moderation).

    • Gunnar wrote, “The true meaning of Christmas… is…”

      Not hardly… now that might well apply to some of the various (existing) observed “pagan” festivals/observances in and around the period between Dec. 25 and Jan. 6 (the period containing the most common dates for celebrating Christmas), but to say “the Church hi-jacked it” makes no more sense that to say that Harpo Marx “hijacked” Nov. 23 from Boris Karloff. Likewise to assert “true meaning” of Christmas as one thing or another prior to the beginning of the observance amounts to utter nonsense.

      About the only thing we can say for certain… nobody knows the birth DATE of the man called Jesus, though we CAN feel fairly confident of the YEAR of his birth (no thanks to the mathematics of Dionysius Exiguus).

      SenseiC bows out

  8. True meaning of Christmas: Fear of Sun-loss. Lots of Northern Hemisphere people worried about the increasing cold and darkness, making up lots of rituals and stories to summon the associative magic that will bring back light and warmth. And a good excuse to eat, drink, and be merry!

  9. Dear Dan,

    I really rate your work. In fact I make a point of looking for the latest cartoon every day (over breakfast). Was incensed by the way FB treated you and I’m following that thread.

    Your point regarding dramatic fall in blog readership struck a chord with me. I recently started a photo blog (used photocrati) and used it’s social media tools to “increase my reach”. Whilst I was happy with the way the thing took off, and I reached the folks I wanted to communicate with, I was less than thrilled when I looked at the stats and found that virtually all of the traffic that arrives at my blog is mediated by Facebook. I plan to be a little more creative in the way I reach audience with my next project.

  10. Wow, Mr Piraro, you just reconfirmed my decision never to sign up on any social media site. I do not understand how your comment could possibly be deemed more offensive or hurtful than the crap the other guy was flinging. That a member can be subjected to the vagaries of what amounts to personal opinion should shock me to my core but really? Not a bit.

    I don’t know if you follow Get Fuzzy at all but there was a storyline a couple years ago in which the cat decided to launch an antisocial media site. That would be more to my taste if such a thing were possible. I don’t mean to be antisocial, it’s just well, you know, PEOPLE.

    I’m nobody, but for what it’s worth, I check your blog every day, having been an admirer of your work for many years. I am now also an admirer of you as a person, and I am especially fond of the way your mind works. I hope you are not insulted by the comparison, but you make me think of a far less commercial modern-day Salvador Dali. I hope to catch your stand-up routine one of these days – I’ll be the one cheering you on and shushing any idiot who tries to heckle you.

    The kid in me still takes her time poring over your art looking for all the hidden symbols. My favorite is the bunny. I wonder if there is a pop-psych test that can diagnose a person’s pathology (or at least personality “type”) based on which of your symbols appeals to one the most? If not, there’s a book idea for you…

    All the very best to you in 2014!


  11. What everybody can do to tame that Facebook monster is to not put all eggs in one basket. Just like you don’t buy only one company’s shares and complain when they go bankrupt. ;)

    There are so many more sites on the internet where people meet, and where an artist can promote his work. For example, as you’re making cartoons, you could post them to “fun websites” such as or others. For example, I have seen a couple of your cartoons on 9gag, and I remember that they received very good feedback.

    Of course, such websites are not the place to discuss anything serious, it’s all just non-sense and trolling there (not as bad as on Youtube, though). But if you include the URL to your website in the cartoon, I’m sure that many people will visit you here.

  12. I worked for Disneyland in the early 80’s as a seasonal in the Emporium. Worked many late nights during the Christmas seasons. I remember one night after the park was closed and we were all tired but still counting out our drawers when someone turned off the music on Main Street. We all heaved an appreciative sigh of relief. We hadn’t realized how annoying the music had become until there was blessed silence.

    Sorry to hear about your FB troubles. I might speak for others in saying that your true fans found your blog first and then your page on Facebook. I always check your blog every couple of days, Facebook notification or not.

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  14. I would have written everything Constance wrote. In fact, every time someone writes you a nice comment that I didn’t write, just imagine I also wrote it. That way you could want to thank me every time also. This is a time saving technique. Don’t thank me though. I’ll just imagine you did.

    Short time blog reader. Long time cartoon admirer and clipper for mailing to the Bizzaro-disadvantaged.


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  19. Hey Dan,

    I just tried to click on your comment on FB re: your FB banning and the link isn’t active; you might want to try it. More: the comment is posted twice and neither “click here” works. Don’t know what the significance of this as to whether it’s your issue or if FB is pulling your chain again.

    Loving your work, as usual.


    • Thanks for the note. It’s working for me this morning so maybe it was a temporary glitch? All looks fine (only one post) and is working at this end.

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  21. Somewhat sad that the “shirt” doesn’t come on a tie-dyed shirt… hoping that I can “improve” the maize one though that may all depend on the silk screening.

    SenseiC bows out.

  22. I might have written what Greg wrote, except that I’m not him, I’m me, so I wouldn’t have.

    Actually, in real life, I’m not me either. I just play me on the internet.

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