Special T-shirt Offer

Here’s a fun bit of news for those of you in The Jar. I’ve created a LIMITED EDITION T-shirt based on one of my comics that is only for Jazz Pickles. Show your JP pride by purchasing a hundred of them and convincing a hundred of your friends to do the same!

It will only be on sale for a short while and then it disappears forever, so you know what that means: COLLECTOR’S ITEM! And who doesn’t need more collector’s items? Here’s the shirt it’s based on, click here for a link to the products available for a LIMITED TIME!



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13 Responses to Special T-shirt Offer

  1. Blake says:

    Ordering doesn’t seem to work. “Sorry this request cannot be completed. Please refresh.”

  2. Richard says:

    Well the red one will definitely intrigue red/green color blind people like me. Definitely getting one. FUN!

  3. Anantha says:

    Can I get a print of this? How much is it going to cost? The print and delivery.

  4. Wade R. Nichols says:

    Is the limited time over, or are you having a problem with check out? Thanks, Wade

    • Piraro says:

      I don’t operate that web site so I have no way of addressing this kind of issue. I’d say contact the company doing the shirts. Thanks.

      • indi says:

        Per the linked shirt website, as of right now there are 2 weeks and 6 days left to buy. There have already been 42 ordered out of the minimum 50 required to actually have the shirts made. I think you should make that goal without a problem. Apparently some people are having success in purchasing :-)

  5. Rob says:

    Why doesn’t it say Piraro on it anywhere?

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