Red-nosed Reefer


bz panel 12-24-13bz strip 12-24-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Family Time!

Oh, my, it’s Christmas Eve! Here at Rancho Bizarro (where I live, as opposed to Bizarro International Headquarters, where I and my team of mutant camels create Bizarro products) we don’t put up a tree, but rather a green folding chair with all of the delightful holiday cards we’ve received this season taped to it. So far, there are three, but the mail hasn’t arrived yet today. Thanks to my parents, Kate and Michael, and John and Anne, who sent cards. Your unnecessary depletion of our planet’s precious, life-sustaining forests is much appreciated!

Today’s festive graphic is from the brain pan of my known associate, Wayno of Pittsburgh. Few people know this, but December is Wayno’s favorite month because he makes lots of extra money. He’s only three-feet tall and dresses as an elf pretty much year round. But in December he carries a coffee mug with him and people just give him cash all month. What a sweet deal! If you’d like to read what Wayno says about today’s collaboration, he has posted his comments here under the delightful title, “Jah, Humbug!”  Wish I’d thought of that first.

PICKLED JAZZ: In today’s archival time machine, we take a peek at another old Xmas cartoonbizarro 12-25-11 WEB that combines some of the surreal imagery of the modern holiday. This one still makes me chuckle, and I am a trained professional.

Whatever your December 24th is about, I hope you enjoy it to a ludicrous extent.



9 thoughts on “Red-nosed Reefer

  1. Zombie Sex Bar is our local Billings effort to capture and rebrand the spirit of Monty Python in Montana. By means of video and art production, our group is involved in prolonged and involved gedanken experiments similar to your comics. A number of the ideas that we have recently been developing would be amendable to cartoon treatment, perhaps into the development of complete comic books. If you have an interest in collaborative projects, please check us out.

    • I’ve seen you site, Richard, and it’s fun. I can’t take on any more collaborative projects at the present, I’m afraid, but I wish you guys lots of luck. Montana needs some Pythonesque comedy!

  2. My wife has long confused the names of the characters Jacob Marley and Bob Cratchit, and referred to the visit of Bob Marley’s ghost. I always thought that would make for a great gag. Thanks to you and the elfin Wayno for making it a reality.

  3. Thanks for giving me a great laugh everyday. I especially enjoyed your Christmas offerings.

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas.


  4. Ok, I know I’m dreamin’ big, here… but someday — if I play my cards right! — I hope I can be known as a Known Associate of someone as cool as yourself! Yes: in short, I covet Wayne’s standing, and you can tell him I said so.

    Thanks for the year of delicious comic shenanigans…

    Happy holiday whatever! ;-)

  5. I’m 86 and have spent most of my life in sales. About a decade or so ago you had a comic of this poor guy on his deathbed. His relatives are all gathered around and bending over to hear his last words. He says, “I’ve watched a lot of TV. I’ve eaten a lot of fast food. And in 1978 (?) I sold more laminated countertops than anyone else in the Southeast Region (?)….My work here is done.”

    Well, I clipped out the comic and pasted in on my wall. However, when I moved to this hi-rise retirement home, I lost the cartoon.

    Is there a way I can purchase a copy of the cartoon. It sort of sums up my Death of a Salesman moment.

    Thank you kindly.

    Bill Bruce, Houston

    • Thanks for the note, Bill. Sorry to say that my archives are not organized in a way that I can easily search for this kind of thing. I’ve got someone cataloging my work now and in a few months may be able to find it. Perhaps ask again then and I’ll see what I can. :^]

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