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Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 10.04.56 AMEXCLUSIVE, LIMITED-EDITION T-SHIRTS from the Jazz Pickle Jar are available for only 1 week and 2 days more! PeaceShirt01 PeaceShirt2 PeaceShirts3

I first offered the T-shirt below, inspired by this Bizarro cartoon, a bit over a week ago. Some of my Jazz Pickles asked why I did not include anything on it saying where the shirt came from so I’VE ADDED TO THE DESIGN. The back of the shirt now has “For Jazz Pickle Use Only, BizarroComics.com” added to the bottom of the headline.

Never let it be said that your Grand Imperial Exhalted Jazz Pubah does not listen to his pickles!

These are high-quality shirts with silkscreened images, not those iron-on things. To get yours today, rush on over to the page beneath this link!

Also shown here, are the variety of styles and colors you can get. I have no control over the sizes offered, so I hope there’s one that fits you and your loved ones (or enemies.)

My next project is going to be a series of Jazz Pickle T-shirts that will tell the world that you are proud to be a JP.

Look for the first LIMITED EDITION shirt to pop up on this blog in the coming days! Each will be totally different and each will be for sale for a limited time, then the design will be retired for good. So don’t miss out. Seriously, that would suck for you.





11 thoughts on “Jazz Pickle T-shirt Offer

  1. Well, I resisted the impulse last time around when you posted this; this time, I’ve ordered myself a hoodie. The almost one-third of the product cost for shipping didn’t dissuade me either.

    I simply love your creativity and I admire your ability to make us laugh and think at the same time. I’m glad you have more products coming up. Stuff like this are awesome for us JPs and I’ll surely be waltzing around wearing this hoodie as a proud one. Hopefully, I’ll come across another JP near me, or even better, introduce a new one into the clan! Thank you! :-)

      • I finally received my hoodie today, and it’s great!

        I’m really, really disappointed that the small print is not printed on the back. I guess I must have ordered before you added that to the design. :'(

        I was pleased, however, that the customs declaration on the envelope said the total value was $15 as opposed to $35. I’d oblige any day to dupe the government.

        • Glad you got it and like it. The printer inadvertently used the old design without the URL on the back, instead of the new one. I’m annoyed by it but they assured me it would never happen again and that was the first, trial run with this company. The second shirt, Proud Bizarro Jazz Pickle, should be arriving in folk’s mailboxes in the next few days to a week.

  2. A Hoodie!? Bummer as I was one of the first to order one tee in each color, because a hoodie wasn’t an option on the first day or two of the post. I’m a hoodie guy. Shit!

  3. No, Dan, Kim Jong Young-un in N. Korea is a bad man. You’re just old and forgetful. And funny as hell. Look forward to my tee’s, and new panels from you. Peace!

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