Alternative Headstyles

bz panel 01-02-14Bizarro is brought to you today by Former Idols.

Today’s cartoon is particularly surreal, not because one of the characters has a fish’s head (I have more than a couple of friends like this) but because no man is intimidated by fishnet stockings. Still, I find it amusing.

This was a collaborative effort between me and my known associate, Wayno of Pittsburgh. His original idea as well as a few changes we bounced back and forth appear on his blog post about this cartoon, so pop on over there and have a look-see for your own self.




BIZARRO OF THE LIVING DEAD: For those of you yearning for another cartoon about weird-headed folks, here is an effort from 2007 in which several different kinds of creatures from ancient Egypt discuss their relative popularity in the arena of statues and murals. We know that the jackal guy and the sphinx dude actually existed back then because of the art the Egyptians left behind, but the bulldog man is still a subject of controversy among Egyptologists. Bizarro 10-21-07 WEB

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6 Responses to Alternative Headstyles

  1. Dan Hildebrand says:

    Something Sphinx about these 2 comics.

  2. Marcus says:

    Funnily, my first thought on seeing Bulldog Man was.. “Bes?” – the Egyptian god of the household and toilet.

  3. Anne G says:

    At first glance I thought today’s cartoon was going to be about mullets coming back in style!

  4. rubber_wonder_boy says:

    “Fish heads, fish heads. Eat them up. YUM!”

    Oh, and this too: Your fishhead looks like Don Knotts’ Mr. Limpet! (lol)

  5. I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t get it till I read the explanation! Very funny.

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