Swinging Shingles


bz panel 01-03-14bz strip 01-03-14Bizarro is brought to you today by The Problem Years.

It has come to my attention that a lot of people don’t know what “shingles” are in the context I’ve used it here. Shingles in this case are not the square thingies on a roof, but a condition caused by the chicken pox virus that sits dormant in your body for decades, then sometimes breaks out in a painful rash when you’re old. So, while a singles bar would be full of youngsters, a shingles bar would be full of oldsters. Mystery solved.

And, before my more observant Jazz Pickles point it out, there are FIVE secret symbols in this pic, not four, as it says on my signature. This is why friends don’t let friends draw drunk.


BIZARROVERS: Today it is my great pleasure to offer here in my archival section one of my all-time fave gags. I love the concept of the organs inside the Statue of Liberty and still remember the fun of visualizing and rendering them, though conceptualizing and drawing a spiral staircase from below was a colossal pain. I’ve been inside the S of L and it looks just like this, with a spiral staircase up the center but without the organs. From inside, you can see a reverse image of the wave of the fabric of her dress and the curves of her face and arms, etc. It’s pretty cool, daddio.Bizarro 12-12-04 Liberty WEB1


21 thoughts on “Swinging Shingles

  1. Never draw drunk! And don’t let drunk friends count secret symbols neither:

    – eye in the sink

    – eye on the bottle under the hand

    – eye on the neck of the bottle

    – pie in the corner right below

    – explosive in the sink

    – K2 on the t-shirt

    Hey! That’s six…

    It could also be the condition I’m regularly suffering myself. Where did I put my glasses? Do I know you? What did I eat yesterday? How many secret symbols did I draw? It comes with age.

    Sadly, it can’t be cured. ;-)



  2. I have to say, love the comics and the joke…but the virus only sat dormant in me for 4 years (chicken pox at age 2, shingles at age 6). That stuff can resurface at ANY point in time, not just when you get old.

  3. I got it, by virtue of an advanced degree in microbiology (buffs nails). Shingles is indeed a condition affecting mostly older folk, but a shingles bar could also be full of ppl who just have less-than-vigorous immune systems. A long-ago BF had a nice long bout of it when he was in his 30’s. He wasn’t much fun on a date either ;-)

  4. Actually, I count six: three eye balls (one in the sink, two on the bottle), the dynamite, the pie, and the K2. And don’t you dare start drawing sober, if you do your comics will lose that twisted humor we all love.

  5. I counted 6 secret symbols…3 eyeballs (one large one on the bottle label, one small one on the bottleneck label, one in the sink) K2 on the shirt, pie on the counter and the stick of dynamite on the sink.

  6. Trying to pull a fast one, ey? i see that tiny eye on the top label of the beer: there are 6 symbols at the Shingles Bar: loved them both, thanks Dan.

  7. I can’t believe that you had to explain the Shingles gag. That was hilarious. I’m looking forward to another year enjoying your sense of humor.

  8. Today’s cartoon:

    1. Your artwork is excellent.

    2. Your humor hilarious and off the wall.

    3. Third part of this equation is sadly missing: That you do not understand salvation.

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  10. Dermatology, checking in, here. I was confused at this one, too, campers. Thought Piraro had gotten it wrong. Knew shingles can happen at any age. Knew post-herpetic neuralgia (leftover pain) is more common/severe, the older you are when you get shingles.

    But according to ye olde CDC, shingles occurrence itself “rises sharply” after age 50. How did I not know this?! Thank you Piraro. Claiming 15 minutes of continuing medical education thanks to you : )

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