Breaking Entering Napping


bz panel 01-04-14Bizarro is brought to you today by Triple Princesses.

Like most fairy tales, the story of Goldilocks is meant to teach us something. I used this one on my own daughters to teach them that it’s a bad idea to break into someone else’s home, but if you do, you should eat some porridge and get out quickly, rather than lie down for a nap after. And also, of course, it’s never a good idea to screw with bears. I also used it to teach them to stay away from big, burly men. You never know when one is going to take offense to your sitting in their chair.


BIZARRO BOOMERANG: My archival gem today is from 1999 and teaches us a lesson, as well, though it is more obvious than the story of Goldilocks.bz08-05-99


10 thoughts on “Breaking Entering Napping

  1. Really? Of all the choices from the Modern Life vending machine, it has always seemed that “noisy shiny crap” was the only thing that was NOT usually out. That and “character-building experiences that mostly suck”.

  2. Love the archival gem – with one slight critique: there should be cobwebs and dust all over the truth button, as well: the most unpopular item on the list, it seems. I’ve often wished for a similar vending machine, where one could purchase various moods…like ‘elation’ or ‘angst’ or ‘schadenfreude’…or perhaps ‘curiosity’. Speaking of curiosity, how much wisdom would be selling for in your machine? I know demand for it is limited, but it is rather hard to come by…

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  4. You can’t buy truth, wisdom, character or honesty so all that’s left is noisy shiny crap unfortunately. Even if you could, lots of people wouldn’t know what to do with them, but I like the idea that it would cha be the world for the better.

    Goldilocks was a naughty girl and didn’t think that rules applied to her. She was a rebel, for sure. She’s lucky if she gets out alive.

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