Sheepish on America


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Bizarro is brought to you today by My Yoga Practice.

As is often the case, I was too busy on Monday and Tuesday to deal with my blog so here is a multi-pickle post with three cartoons. Only one of the strip versions is included because the other two don’t really offer any information that the vertical panel formats don’t. You’re supposed to begin any piece of writing with a sentence or two that grab the reader’s attention. Boy, did I blow that on this post.

How’s this?…

I once saw a man on a NYC subway train making out with a giant salami and that was the inspiration for the character behind the dialogue bubble on the strip version of my Jan 7 cartoon.

bz strip 01-07-14

bz panel 01-07-14

Are you grabbed?bz panel 01-08-14

The truth is that if you ride the NYC subway often enough, you will eventually see just about anything you can imagine. That’s fun for a while, but eventually I found that it began to warp my view of the world and make me feel that I was living in some kind of test tube belonging to a grand research project by beings from another planet. One can only imagine the sort of impression they have of the human race after studying people on the subway. Come to think of it, it’s probably a fairly accurate one.






My final cartoon in today’s post comes from the exceedingly clever dog of a friend of mine, Tom Marshall. His dog, Oso, a former captain in the Sardinian Navy, once came across a pirate in the Mediterranean who had restless leg syndrome, then lost the leg but still had the restlessness. What a bummer.






REBIZARROS: Today’s archival oddity is from 1998. As I was riding the subway one day in the same car with a sheep, I began wondering what she might be thinking of and this cartoon forced its way into my brain. Now, 17 years later, I humbly offer it to 10-06-98 sheep thoughtsWEB


26 thoughts on “Sheepish on America

    • Peg – that’s the core of a good joke. Go up to someone sitting at a wooden table, knock on it rapidly and ask them what it is. “A pirate with restless peg syndrome.”

      Okay, not THAT good but my wife liked it (and I credited Bizarro).

  1. I am having a personal crisis. I’m not sure as Jazz Pickles if we’re only allowed to be common cucumber dill pickles, or if we’re allowed any degree of freedom in our identities. I’m pretty sure I’m a Jazz Pickled Egg. Is this allowed?

  2. I like the little extra joke, about payment, in the restless peg cartoon. :-)

    I used to work in the medical industry, and it truly is just that – an industry. The latest theory in medical science is that the heart does not pump blood, but money, and as long as you can keep it pumping, it will keep on pumping money from the patient’s medical insurance to the bank account of the doctor/hospital. Of course, once the money runs out, it becomes the decent thing to do not to prolong the patient’s suffering indefinitely, and therefore to stop further treatment.

  3. I know these strips are drawn months in advance, so it’s regretful your prophetic powers were slightly off this time. Yes Staples actually did change their logo – but instead of dropping the S they dropped the L. ;-)

    • I heard about that. Those kinds of weird coincidences happen to syndicated cartoonists from time to time and it’s always strange.

  4. Woody go to a doctor if his knotty leg splits, or just carrrrghve a new one?

    Everything was black and white way back in 1998, when, if you were ba-a-a-a-d and on the lamb, you’d best be quiet. Patches on the poor worker’s clothing – it was tough to make it on sheepherder’s bread.

    It looks like the pseudoku guy wants to do a number on that girl, but he’s not her equal or anywhere near her division. It would be a “new miracle” if he was.

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