Bizarro Original Art for Sale


I stopped doing drawings on paper in November of 2011 (I now draw directly on computer) so my original art from previous years is now all that will ever be available. A friend of mine has begun offering one image per week on eBay, which is a great way for you to get one for less than I normally charge. Here’s this week’s eBay listing of a Sunday cartoon which I have featured on this blog. I charge $600 for these but as I write this, the bid is less than $50!  I’m late in posting this so there are only a couple of days left on this sale, I think. Hop on over there and pick it up, I need the money!

Click here to see the eBay page where you can bid.


15 thoughts on “Bizarro Original Art for Sale

  1. You’re in luck – someone has an automatic bid in place, adding a dollar to any other bid. Left it at $93. I’m sure it will go up fast!

  2. You must go through a lot of computers doing a daily strip.

    How do you clean the screen?

    Or do you erase each one like an etch a sketch and start over?


  3. Wow! I hope you get all the money you need! This is great. If I had excess income (more than just utilities, house & food) I would for sure BID–

  4. Could you save the “rockapult” bit for years on end til I actually have a real job and money to blow so I may some day own it? That, or my birthday is coming up, wink wink nudge nudge.

  5. As much as I enjoy the great details on the “colorized” version, I think the gag works better in the original. The brightness of the PEZcophagus drew my attention to it first, rather than to its wrapped gifts.

    Thanks for sharing the link. It looks like the sale is going well!

    • Sorry to say that one was drawn on computer in ’12 or ’13, if I recall correctly. Everything after November of ’11 was drawn on computer.

  6. I’m fortunate enough to call Dan a friend, plus I’m also lucky enough to own a Bizarro original from early in Dan’s career. I’d buy this, but I have my eyes on another one. Good luck on this one, Dan!

  7. I was just mentioning to my wife that you draw on a computer now and that there’ll no longer be original art for your comics. (We were talking about kid that I grew up (in the 60’s) with had a pen-pal relationship with Charles Schultz, and my friend’s hallway was lined with original Peanuts artwork, that must be worth a fortune today.) Maybe you should do the occasional pen and ink comic, so that you can supplement your income by selling annual commemorative artwork originals or something like that.

    • Not a bad idea, but I’ve got well over 9,000 Bizarro cartoons drawn on paper, so my inventory isn’t running low yet. :^}

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