FINALLY! The Official Shirt!


Big news, Jazz Pickles! At long last you can show your pride with an OFFICIAL Jazz Pickle Pride shirt!

This is a limited-time offer and will only be available for two weeks from today. If 100 sell, they’ll print the shirts. If not, they won’t. This will make me sad because I’ve ordered one of every style and color for myself. Even the women’s shirts!

Perhaps even more exciting is the fact that I’m going to do a series of these designs, perhaps one per month, hence the #1 by my signature. Each will be different and wonderful, each will be a limited edition so you’ll want to collect them all, lest you find yourself in a pissing contest with another JP and they have more of the collection than you do. Perish the thought!

Here’s where to get it:

(Click this image to enlarge it)JazzPickleT02WEB


84 thoughts on “FINALLY! The Official Shirt!

    • Maybe log out and then back in again? I had no problem ordering from Canada. One thing I did was choose the country before I finished putting in the address, so I’d get provinces in the drop down rather than states.

      Shipping is a little more expensive but still reasonable – under ten bucks.

  1. I got mine! Provided everyone does their part and orders at least one shirt! Come ON, Jazz Pickles!

    I’m still waiting to receive my “Peace of me” shirt. I hope it comes soon.

  2. Love your work!! But you goofed on this one, the hands of the sax player are in the wrong place!!! the left hand plays the top keys, the right hand plays the bottom keys. As a musician this is a pet peeve of mine, whether it be in drawings, or flipped photos. It is like showing a person with a steering wheel in the back seat of a car.

    • I was aware of that when designing the shirt and I KNEW I’d hear from someone like you! For compositional reasons, I had to have the player facing that way but I could not for the life of me find a picture of anyone playing sax from the left, for the very reasons you stated. So I made and executive decision and used the image backward. My apologies, amigo!

  3. The Pickle hath landed to share fame with the “Peace of Me” shirt. Do keep this up Dan! I think I was 39th or less.

    • It was a design choice on my part. They only allow me five total versions, styles and colors included. I figured black would be less popular for women so I didn’t designate it. My girlfriend helped me make the color and style choices, so blame her!

  4. Oh, my aunt will be so proud! She has sent me your comics in the mail for years, and they’re all on our fridge…. In fact, we had to get a second refrigerator just to hold more Bizarros! (Actually, my sister didn’t need her old one so we use it for beer.) Come on over, Dan, and have a cold one with us here in St Louis!

  5. You’re nearly at goal, yay! I reserved one, but I really hope it’s 100% cotton (the site doesn’t say; I chose the canvas ringspun T). Perhaps this information could be included in subsequent product descriptions?

    • Thanks, Guillermo! Your being the 100th purchase qualifies you for a visit from a local traffic helicopter. Look for it over your house in the next 10 days to two weeks!

      • Oh no!! Not visitors from the sky again! The memories of the abduction are still too raw. I live in fear of the probe-wielding ones. Fear and bewilderment: how can they have mastered interstellar travel yet continue to have the most basic questions about plumbing? Next time I’ll ask for a phone-a-friend lifeline from Louie Gohmert — he knows a thing or two about plumbing!

  6. Ordered #95 or so… That design was too good to pass up. If and when you do another one, it would be awesome to put one of your comics on the back as well!

  7. Just saw these, great wearable art! Ordered mine and will soon be Sporting my BJP long sleeve tee. Thanks exalted BJP humormongus leader!

  8. I’m #122! Whoo hoo!

    BTW – Thanks for including ladies shirts in all sizes! Even those of us who aren’t a size 2 like to wear fun stuff!

  9. So very glad enough were ordered. Id love love love to have one, but my wife says we’ve got to make choices. I choose to keep my wife and feed my daughter. If you all want to take up a collection to buy one for the guy who invented the Jazz Pickle hand sign, I’d be game. Yay us!

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