Dog Bless


bz panel 01-16-14bz panel 01-17-14Bizarro is brought to you today by Do NOT Click on This Picture of a Half-Naked Woman.

Have you ever been crawling in the desert, wishing you had something to drink? Neither have I nor has anyone I’ve ever known or been related to, but apparently it happens a lot because there are tons of cartoons about it. We cartooner types love to find a new angle on the classic cartoon motifs so here’s one about that guy who crawls in the desert.  It reminds me a bit of a joke my dad told me when I was a kid. It was something about a guy going into a bar and seeing a bowl of peanuts with a sign that said “Peanuts, $1,000,000 each.” The guy tells the bartender those peanuts are never going to sell at that price and he replies, “I only need to sell one.” This is where I would laugh.



This preacher dog cartoon is from my uber-religious*, known associate, Wayno of Pittsburgh. It was crafted after a similar Bizarro cartoon about a cat preacher, so I used the same background and added the dog where the cat used to be. Wayno chats about this on his blog today and shows the cat cartoon. Have a looksee right here, then come back. He also added a funny link to my name, in the tradition of what I do to his name each time I include it in my posts. I got a good chuckle out of it, even thought I LOVE Christmas.*





PREZARROS: Here, from 1996, is another dog joke about dogs. The dogs in this cartoon are fashioned after my own canine companions at the time, Steve and Bruno. bz 10-15-96 PetsOutlawedWEB

*Neither of these statements is remotely true.


25 thoughts on “Dog Bless

  1. Today’s comix and blogs (Wayno’s included – luv his xmas with the family), made me laugh even more than usual. Made me, I tells ya.

  2. You did a dog-themed cartoon that I loved about 10 – 12 years ago, that I had pinned to my classroom wall. The dog was relaxing in his den with all his doggy trophies and awards on his den wall. One summer it went missing from my classroom, and I can only assume one of the summer maintenance guys found it irresistible. Could you revive it in the Oldies but Goodies section of your blog?

        • As I recall, the dog was sitting in his den in a wingback(?) chair, looking contented and relaxed amongst all the paraphernalia of a successful dog-life, like any 50’s TV dad relaxing with the paper after coming home from the office.

          Hmmm…. If not you, then who?

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    • I knew this gag mechanism has been used before but my research turned up nothing so I went with it. I like the version you linked to, thanks.

  4. Then the angel sayeth ‘don the collar, walk with me, go forth and heel.’ “Heel! Heel!” I don’t know what the shouting angel means.

    Enjoyed preacher doggie a lot.

  5. re 1/17/2014. canine preacher speaking to his flock.

    Mr. P

    This cartoon is reminiscent of the great 20th century writer Franz Kafka’s story “Investigations of a Dog.” It’s a classic, but it took me 4 readings to understand it. If you haven’t read it, please try it. You may realize your comedic insights are related to his deep symbolism.

    Love your strip for years.



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