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bz panel 02-01-14bz strip 02-01-14Bizarro is brought to you today by Alternative Marriages.

Since California is a big agricultural state and much of that is fruit, they’re really picky about letting people into the state with food items that might carry some kind of insect that is bad for local crops. I guess fruit flies are the ones I’ve heard most about. They don’t thoroughly search every car so I don’t know how well it works, but it does cause a traffic jam at the borders, which is always a good time to check your email and Twitter feed while you wait.

My manager, the inimitable Jeff Topper, and I collaborated on this gag after he was strip-searched at the Cali border recently. I am happy to report they did not find any insects or food hidden on him.

Have you heard my new EP? It’s available on Amazon, Spotify, and iTunes at this very moment! It’s my serious/musical side and you can experience the whole thing for less than 4 bucks!

DEJA VIEW: bz 08-09-02 cat yogaOne of our venerable Jazz Pickles asked me to post this cartoon from 2002, so here it is. In the past year I’ve gotten into yoga, something I would have denied I would ever do a few years ago. It’s been very good for me and I highly recommend it. I wish I’d started it years ago.


12 thoughts on “Fly By

  1. Hey, if you’re taking requests. . . . hehe. . . when I was in Med School my friend showed me a clipping of Chickens teaching Doctors how to write (prescriptions). I remember one chicken was saying ‘no no, more like this’ or something to that extent. To this day, I have coveted that comic.

    Any chance of publishing it on the web? You could tie it in to Obamacare or something.

    Yours Truly,

    Dr Matthew (finally!)

    • I remember that cartoon and if I can find it I’ll post it in my daily archives section. My older cartoons are not yet keyworded (I have someone working on that monumental task now) so it’s hard to find things like this. But I’ll try. :^}

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