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Bizarro 02-11-07 hedrWEBBizarro 02-02-14 WEBBizarro is brought to you today by Sunday Morning Breakdancing.

OMG! I just posted my Sunday cartoon from next month, which also falls on the 2nd, because of the screwy thing about February missing a couple days. Dang! I’m really really really not supposed to do that. So I took it down after my buddy, Museum Guard Bob, called me, so if you saw it, forget it. If you copied it, please don’t forward or post it anywhere.

Instead, how about we have a look at TODAY’S cartoon? It’s all about pants, past and future. It occurred to me one day that men’s waistlines have been more-or-less constantly moving south since the 1940s and thus the idea for this cartoon was born. Even though it’s been going on for more than a generation now, I continue to be amazed that the falling-down-baggy-rodeo-clown pants fad is still going strong. As utterly foolish as the look is, I do sort of hope that I’m completely correct in my prediction here. I can’t wait to see people shuffling around with their pants around their ankles as though they were surprised by a fire alarm while using the toilet.

You may also notice that I attempted to predict other fashion trends here, like hairdos, shirts, and shoes. I have no vested interest in any of these coming true. Although, one of Ozzie Osbourne’s daughters dyed her hair gray not long ago, so I have always wondered if kids might someday begin shaving their heads to look like bald, old men. That would be funny.



32 thoughts on “Power of Gravity

  1. The Jack-Hands signature picture will give me night-horrors for years to come! The implication it has Boobs, or a Boob perhaps, is even more horrifying. As for todays feature; I still can’t believe folks ‘wear’ pants as portrayed in 2000. Spot-on! I am looking forward to shopping in the future!

  2. They already do a pants-less day on subways in some cities. Now it’s a matter of how soon will it be more of a casual, every-day sort of thing. (lol)

  3. I really liked next month’s offering. As it was 4 a.m. when I saw it, I have now forgotten it, and next month I’ll get to enjoy it all over again!

  4. Love it, Dan. Have long been a fan of your work. This one would be great on a tee shirt. (Have the last tee shirt project coming to me in the mail soon.)

  5. Andy Warhol dyed his hair gray when he was in his early 2os. He said:

    “I thought that young people had more problems than old people, and I hoped I could last until I was older so I wouldn’t have all those problems. Then I looked around and saw that everybody who looked young had young problems and that everybody who looked old had old problems. The “old” problems to me looked easier to take than the “young” problems. So I decided to go gray so nobody would know now old I was and I would look younger to them than how old they thought I was. I would gain a lot by going gray: (1) I would have old problems, which were easier to take than young problems, (2) everyone would be impressed by how young I looked, and (3) I would be relieved of the responsibility of acting young—I could occasionally lapse into eccentricity or senility and no one would think anything of it because of my gray hair. When you’ve got gray hair, every move you make seems “young” and “spry,” instead of just being normally active. It’s like you’re getting a new talent. So I dyed my hair gray when I was about twenty-three or twenty-four.”

  6. I knew a lawyer who died his temples grey so that he looked more mature, and therefore experienced, when advising clients about business law.

  7. Photos of my grandfather in the 1940s had him wearing that same look–you know, the pants so high-waisted they chafed his arm-pits…

  8. The men (and women) of the 40’s knew how to dress. See how nice and broad shouldered the first guy looks. All the rest just droop from head to toe!

    • I thought about that but decided not to because it then would become the visual focus of the gag, and it would disturb my composition. :^}

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  10. My son, Jim, suggested a follow-up corollary to your trouser comic, namely college/professional basketball player shorts. Every year the “shorts” get longer. They were once very short and now often go at or even below the knees. You could have future shorts actually turn into capris and finally full length pants. At the same time you could transition from zero tattoos to all visible skin covered in tattoos. Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction.

    Keep us laughing!!!!

  11. Friend of mine who works in our city’s police department said that he considers the “falling-down-baggy-rodeo-clown pants fad” as best thing that has happened to help law enforcement than anything in recent memory. The kids can’t run anywhere near as fast now since they need to use one hand to their pants up. Heaven help them if they have to try to go OVER anything like a fence.

    SenseiC bows out

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