Worthy Cause Bizarro Original Art Sale!


You regular Jazz Pickles know Cliff Harris, the King of Wordplay, as one of my favorite collaborators. I can’t tell you what a terrific guy Cliff is. Words cannot express what an open, friendly, loving sort of bloke he is. His wife and two sons are equally wonderful and I’m not just blowing smoke up your donkey.

Well, Cliff has two young sons, one of whom is shaping up to be a pretty talented composer. The family wants to buy him a piano to facilitate his talents and have decided to sell the original art of four of the panels we collaborated on. Each is signed by me to Cliff at the bottom.

I assure you this is a very worthy cause. Help these kids out by bidding generously and often on their ebay auction this week!  Here’s a page with all four images, from which you can navigate to each separately.

These are the cartoons they’re selling. All of them are hand-drawn with ink on bristol board and are about 7″x13″.  Three are very early installments of the now-famous Bizarro Sunday Punnies series, so that makes them even more historically important! Click on any image to make it biggerized.

CLIFF Bizarro 08-23-09 blk CLIFF bizarro 10-18-09 CLIFFbizarro 01-03-10 CLIFFBizarro 04-25-10



9 thoughts on “Worthy Cause Bizarro Original Art Sale!

    • It was a typo, as opposed to a misunderstanding of the language, so there’s no consistency necessary. Good point, though. :^}

  1. My wife came up with a good one this weekend, sort of rare for her.
    She asked if I had heard of the new Weight Watchers cruise. I am thinking a lot of diet food and stuff.
    She said that everyone gets sick and pukes their brains out and go home early pounds lighter.

  2. Some months ago you did a “Power to the Peephole” cartoon. I thought “That’s nice. He thought of a pun idea that I had.” It was a couple months later that I realized you credited me with it. I’d completely forgotten I’d submitted that for Sunday Punnies and thought it was just a coincidence. Belated thank you for the ink.

    How do you do this high a level of humor EVERY day? Don’t bother aswering a question you must be sick of.

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