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A good buddy of mine and a talented stand-up comic, actor, and cartoonist, Michael Capozzola, and I collaborated on this gag. Funny thing is that over the years a number of readers have suggested a cowboy walking into a salon thinking it was a saloon but I never felt it was enough all by itself to support the gag. Michael came up with the pun independently, but his idea to have the hombre identify himself as “half blind” and “illiterate” put it over the edge for me, so I drew it. Here’s multi-talented Michael’s multi-talented web site. Have a visit.

I love doing gags about cowboys and the Old West. When I was a kid growing up in Kansas City and Oklahoma in the mid 1900s, I was fascinated by cowboys and wanted nothing more than to be one when I grew up. I gave up that dream as soon as I was old enough to realize that being a cowboy nowadays did not entail chasing bad guys on horseback, but rather working your ass off in the hot sun and driving back to your trailer at night in a pickup truck. This life was not for me, plus, I can’t stand cheap, American beer.

BIZARRO OF THE LIVING DEAD: One of my favorite things to do with cowboys and the Old West is to de-macho it. Here’s a favorite of mine from a few years ago that I hope will cause you a smile.BZ 09-07-08 Covered WagonWE


15 thoughts on “Git Along Gals

  1. I assumed you’d taken the first gag from the commercials for that new (sur)reality show “Hollywood Hillbillies”. The matriarch (I’m guessing) at one point says, “This here’s my first visit to a real life beauty saloon!” And I think there might have been a “goldurn”, a “critter”, and/or a “tarnation” somewhere in the dialogue, but I can’t be sure.


    • Not a bad assumption, but I won’t even watch a commercial for shows like that, much less an episode. I didn’t know they were doing that show until a friend of mine (who, oddly enough, is a reality show producer) told me about it.

  2. I love these two! I have a picture from the Amsterdam Gay Pride week a few years ago and it’s a bunch of guys, on a riverboat, in tutus and it looks a lot like your can-canning heroes above.

    On another matter – do you think Facebook, with all its self-interested technical abilities, could figure out how to frame an effing picture? So annoying! Do you want to write them with me and say, “get your act together”?

    Otherwise, I’m a big fan, been following you for years.


    • Thanks, YoSa. Sorry to say that I don’t offer my font to anyone else. I had it made special for me from my own hand lettering.

  3. What significance does k-squared hold? The bridesmaids with the gun toter made my brain flash over to The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, for some reason. =)

  4. The Crown of Power! With the “R”! Always makes me smile. I also love how the alien seems to have more of view up that cowboy’s skirt than maybe he bargained for…

  5. Gunslinger, gunslinger, where did you go wrong?

    When you were a child were you forced to compete

    With brothers that you never could beat

    Did Ya come from a broken home on the range?

    When you were a child did the Cheyenne and Sioux

    Refuse to play nicely with you

    Did you ever feel you didn’t belong?

    – The Limelighters, (circia 1962) God bless ’em

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