Rare Humorous Art Sale


My good friend and frequent collaborator, Cliff Harris the King of Wordplay, is selling four of his prized possessions––original art panels from Bizarro which I gave him in return for his humorous efforts therein––in order to buy a piano for his young, very talented son.*

Cliff works as a shoeshine boy in a coal mine for 18 cents per week. He can’t even afford patches for the knees of his homemade, burlap trousers, much less a piano. So he’s resorting to selling some original art I gave him so that his own child may have a better life than he has. Poor Cliff. Poor unfortunate child of Cliff.  Will their suffering ever end?**

You can help ease their misery by bidding on one of these pieces of rare, one-of-a-kind (another way of saying rare!) cartoon art. Once you hang one or more of these babies in your house, your social standing will skyrocket so fast it will make your socks damp. Do it now, before the president comes to dinner at your house and wonders why you don’t have any fine art on the walls.

Go here to see the art and bid on the piece(s) that rock(s) your trailer home the hardest.

Each piece comes with my personal guarantee: If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can give it to someone else.

*Totally true

**May not be totally true



4 thoughts on “Rare Humorous Art Sale

  1. I have enjoyed the BIZARRO cartoons for years. And, I admit that that occasionally, I just don’t get them. Today’s cartoon is great, but I do have two questions/comments. The cartoon indicates that the KISS character is left-handed – the spatula is usually used by the dominant hand. I was unable to find out if he is left-handed. And why would you have a glove on the hand holding the spatula that never comes in contact with anything hot while the hand the holds the hot pot or dish wears no glove?

    • Good questions, Robert. One reason I became a cartoonist instead of a lawyer or politician is that accuracy isn’t required. :^}

  2. The coal miner and kid photo is interesting and highly accurate. The miner lives a dirty, hard, life threatening existence while the kid – being easily entertained like all kids – and religious believers – is oblivious to the reality around him.

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